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  1. Stanic


    I just can't get enough of this bad boy...thanks Russell!
  2. Stanic


    This Tioga is very very close to perfection IMO. The knife sat in the polish duty system for almost 3 weeks - how crazy is that
  3. Stanic

    Just a Picture:

    got a sheath for my Camp..well worth it
  4. Stanic

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 312/21 (Early Preview)

    Not surprized with how quickly some of the models went..not at all :)
  5. Stanic

    Hi from Zakopane, Poland

    Haha seems like it would be lot of fun to get out together some day :)
  6. Stanic

    Hi from Zakopane, Poland

    Can you ever be prepared for it all? :) I've recently started looking into water purification...mind you, never really needed it before, in the mountains here we luckily have springs that are usually safe to drink with no boiling (I remember the water amoeba warnings while trekking in BC...
  7. Stanic

    Hi from Zakopane, Poland

    Yep, I've also discovered in the higher mountains that there is no substitute for the real thing when the conditions get tough. Need to be very careful with those things though, a friend has managed to slice open his calf few years ago...was not a nice sight at all :/
  8. Stanic

    Hi from Zakopane, Poland

    well said my friend :) hope you get a good use from them, I did from mine this winter...but it already seems like it is ending hooray for spring and crocuses :)
  9. Stanic

    Hi from Zakopane, Poland

    Thanks for the welcome! Yeah you're right @555 Just need to make sure that I have room for all of that
  10. Stanic

    Fiddlebacks and Coffee

    bushfinger espresso :)
  11. Stanic

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    hi all, I am looking for the mid-tech Duke I'm in Poland, PayPal is ok thanks!
  12. Stanic

    Hi from Zakopane, Poland

    Cheers and enjoy your 'spro :) I've got a fairly common setup (as seen on various forums) of the Lelit MaraX and Niche Zero. But I'm also roasting my own in a modded Gene Café. Used the Portaspresso PG Air and Kinu M68 before.
  13. Stanic

    Fiddleback User Pics

    my first from FF, what a beauty! ordered from the US, arrived to Poland in 5 days and took almost 3 weeks to clear through the duty process :)
  14. Stanic

    Hi from Zakopane, Poland

    Hi, I am Rastislav from Slovakia living in Zakopane Poland, a small mountain resort town just under the Tatra mountains. I love nature and outdoors, work as a landscape ecologist and I like to spend time out, taking some pics, fiddling with equipment and having fun. I've recently discovered the...
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