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    SOLD - Early Gen 1 - Spyderco Delica

    I just lost mine today. Gen 1. If this is still available, I will take it.
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    Blacksmith Crosses

    I will take 6 if still available.
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    Integral pattern weld chef w/curly carbon fiber.

    Wow! That is awesome, Salem.
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    WRW With chad nichols Elmax core

    Excellent work. Impressive.
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    Loveless Style Drop Point Hunter/Ironwood***SOLD***

    Wow! That's a beauty....
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    Bird and trout knife

    That's sweet. If you make another, or something similar, I am interested. Let me know.
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    PVK.Vegas are they a reliable knife retailer?

    I ordered from them two times without an issues.
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    Dragonskin & Timascus Gent's

    Holy crap! That is awesome, Alan.
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    Post your Delica 4 pics here

    I was thinking about doing a blade swap with my gray Delica, but the foliage green is pretty sweet. I still may do it.
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    Post your Delica 4 pics here

    This arrived today.
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    That is incredible.
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    Recommendation? Spyderco folder

    Try a Delica.
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    My Experience with Gavko Knives

    He has the right to refuse to help you, but that doesn't mean it's ok. I was seriously considering getting a Gavko knife, but will not now based upon this incident. Thanks, OP.
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    Pm2 Alternative suggestions

    What model Spyderco is that on the bottom and what type of CF scales does it have?
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    Best EDC for $20 - Carry it for a year.

    +1 for the Spyderco Byrd.
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