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    The 15

    HD Was the BGRS a villager with horn or wood? I noticed on my GR villager the pommel tends to be a little rough but I sanded the handle down pretty well before using. Haven't used the horn WWII villager yet but seems like the pommel is a little rough too. Still, gotta love the abuse they'll...
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    How they do that?

    Congrats on the blade.....looked like a nice one. Interesting stamp dilemma..... Steve
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    Shooting at looters in Pascagoula!

    I think munks right......conquering hordes is the key word. You have to be visiting the place for it to be pillaging otherwise it's looting from your neighbors and that's just rude. The Vikings did it best I think :)
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    Shooting at looters in Pascagoula!

    Glen Beck did a whole segment this morning on the radio about shooting the looters and how some cops were even seen pilfering through the material. The funny thing about the stores is that they are just going to pass along the loss probably right back into the community when the store re-opens...
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    Day 1: the end of my Cursed existence.

    Stress is the worst when trying to kick a habit.....smoke & prayers to you and I hope things start to be a lot better for ya' Steve
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    habemus filium ... we have a boy

    Excellent......Congratulations. It only gets BETTER from here..... Hope you and your wife get a little rest before the little guy comes home..... Best Wishes, Steve
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    Big Bend, A Ganga Ram & Fred

    I swear Berkley, for someone who didn't have TV or radio, Fred stayed pretty in tune with life just by talking with the people who came in to camp or take out of the river. Before he came out to La Linda he copied hundreds of movies and tunes onto cds. So he's got stuff to watch or listen to...
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    Big Bend, A Ganga Ram & Fred

    HD, Big Bend National Park seemed to have a little bit of everything. Hiking, Archeology and rafting / canoeing. You can camp on trail, stay in the Basin Lodge or bring your own trailer. Saw a lot of bikers making the trek in. Originally it was going to be 5 of us but one thing led to...
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    Big Bend, A Ganga Ram & Fred

    Here's a couple just for ya' HD...... This was my first trip to the Trans-Pecos area and I was just amazed. Not just by the terrain but how industrious the local population had to be to survive. I'm amazed historic European's were able to withstand one summer on the Grand let alone make a...
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    Big Bend, A Ganga Ram & Fred

    Devo55, Only saw two snakes, one was a coachwhip?.....kind of a pinkish sand color about 4 feet long crossing the road. The other was multicolored and crossed our trail while hiking up to the Southrim of Chisos. We saw more jackrabbit's than anything else. Mule deer would come close to...
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    Big Bend, A Ganga Ram & Fred

    No zombies but there were a few burro's smuggling drugs...... ;)
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    Big Bend, A Ganga Ram & Fred

    A friend of mine and I embarked for Big Bend National Park, Texas to hike around the Chisos Mountain and canoe the Boquillas Canyon stretch of the Rio Grande. Likewise we had volunteered to document any significant Paleo-Indian / archaic habitation sites along our route. Rock shelters and...
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    Blessings for a safe trip Yangdu

    May the wind be at your back and the sun shine upon you until you find your way home again safely. Steve
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    OT:I've had a really Sh*tty Day

    After reading this, I'm just happy we have toilet paper :)
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    Unitarian Jihad!

    I got...... " Immaculate Guillotine of Truth" Sounds like a large cigar cutter :)
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    Big Khuk Janawar"

    Wow, very nice....both blade and it attributed to the Gurung jat of Nepal?
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    Military Kukri?

    Gunbarrel, I picked up one as well and kept it just to remind myself the next time I saw a K-45 style to really do my homework before buying.....hey, just use it as a practice piece before doing anything on a good khuk..... Steve
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    What do I have?

    I thought they started using brass for bolsters & caps around the 1920's? The cap on the pommel looks like those that are on a couple of mine from the 1950's but they are all military.....
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    What do I have?

    Looks like a BAS (british army service model) with horn handle though that's not a military scabbard.... I don't think....but I'm certainly no expert. Try this link:
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    OT:Show your wife who's boss!

    I tried but she won't stay there :D She keeps untying the knots :D
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