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    I Think I Got A ZT Score Here!

    You did good. Nice score.
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    RIP Charlie Mike

    RIP CM
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    Al Mar 1980 Folding Knife

    I bought one new around 1990. I think I paid around $150.00. It was a very nice knife however I sold it.
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    Favorite kershaw

    I have been carring the Cryo and Cryo 2 for years now.
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    Zero Tolerance Current/Upcoming/Discontinued Models

    The new 0450DAM will be out soon and it looks great. They won't last long.
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    Rambo V

    I like the idea of a Ruana.
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    Recommendation? What should I do with my ZT(framelock issue)?

    Just send it too ZT and they will make it right, no problem.
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    new member, first knife.

    Very nice!
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    Suzanne Vaughan - TKC

    She was a great gal!
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    Not for me.
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    John April small fixed blade

    Beautiful knife and great pictures.
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    Sam Lurquin Furious Maximus For Blade

    Beautiful piece. He should get his MS stamp for sure.
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    Fowler J.S. - Test set

    Beautiful work
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    Name me some VG-10 blades!

    The Kershaw Lahar is my choice. I have three of them. One of the best knives for the money.
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    Sambar Stag Frenzy

    Both are beautiful, I really lke that knife, you did a great job.
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    Kershaw cryo

    I have both the Cryo I and II. I have been carring them for over a year now. I really like these knives.
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    Will the REAL Tom Brown Tracker please stand up?

    I can not see any pictures
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