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  1. gooeytek

    WE Knives 618

    I know it's been awhile, but did you end up selling this?
  2. gooeytek

    Sebenza Spydie Hole Mod

    looks better. I want that done to mine now.
  3. gooeytek

    Big Chris Currently Available

    more info on the kitchen knives?
  4. gooeytek


    I just get my production ones customized.
  5. gooeytek

    ZT 0620/Emerson design

    yea, there was this kiosk in the mall that did laser etching on aluminum cases for iphones and ipads, and i asked to see if it was enough to heat anodize Ti, so we tested it on the ZT. Had to set it on the slowest speed for 2 passes.
  6. gooeytek

    ZT 0620/Emerson design

  7. gooeytek

    ZT 0620/Emerson design

    After a couple of tweaks, it's become one of my favorite ZTs.
  8. gooeytek

    Brotherhood Wharnies

    I would like to apologize to Tom Mayo if these knives in any way infringe on any of his designs. Although my most sought-after grail is a Mayo Hawkbill, this design was never intended to copy that other than having the holes. I like the holes in the handle because it really makes a big...
  9. gooeytek

    Brotherhood Wharnies

    Received these a few days ago. The Brotherhood Wharnies. Compound-ground M390 with contoured Ti frames, bearings, and sculpted Ti clips.
  10. gooeytek

    Anything I can do to smooth out the opening of my Persian?

    My Persian flicks open easily after the framelock conversion :)
  11. gooeytek

    dragonfly 2 question

    So it wouldn't be a straightforward swap for my ZDP Dragonfly 2 into a G10 handle? I've been meaning to do something like that.
  12. gooeytek

    Recent photos!

    Lots of sweet stuff!
  13. gooeytek

    The "We Don't Need No Stinkin' Warranties" Club

    The 100's... Framelock = Nathawut Po' Boy = Andrew
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