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  1. rdtshaw

    SOLD! Heretic Knives Hydra (Price Dropped!)

    For anyone worried about PP G&S here, Kefefs is a solid seller! 👍 Cheers!
  2. rdtshaw

    Benchmade Multiples Prototypes Pre-Productions

    Purchased Ally, post to add feedback. Thanks! Great transaction btw.
  3. rdtshaw

    Spyderco, Microtech, Protech, Benchmade & D Rocket

    I received my knife today, I would send an email. I'm sure he's around somewhere. :)
  4. rdtshaw

    Spyderco, Microtech, Protech, Benchmade & D Rocket

    I bought a knife yesterday with no issue. He may have just missed the post, it is on the second page. I would send an email.
  5. rdtshaw

    M&P Shield 9mm Magazine Magguts +1 Spring Kit

    I'll take the spring kits. I'd get the mag too but I have a .40. :) PM incoming.
  6. rdtshaw

    Microtech Bounty Hunter UTX-85 BNIB

    I'll take this. PM coming after I wrap up with a client here. :)
  7. rdtshaw


  8. rdtshaw

    [WTS/WTT] Giantmouse GMP6 #56 - SOLD!!

    emailing you now. thanks!
  9. rdtshaw

    [WTS/WTT] Giantmouse GMP6 #56 - SOLD!!

    Hey all! I have an excellent condition GMP6 for sale today. Action is excellent, solid lockup at about 15% with zero play, unlocks with no stick. The knife is super clean and blade is centered. The edge is sharp and completely untouched. Has one tiny mark on the blade just above the pivot on...
  10. rdtshaw

    FS: Small Sebenza 21, Insingo, Red Micarta Inlays

    that was a really good price! one of my favorite sebenzas in my collection. :) nice score!
  11. rdtshaw

    Excellent condition GMP6 for a GM5, GMP1, GMP3, or GMP5

    Hey all! Looking to trade my excellent condition GMP6 #56. Hoping to shake loose a similar condition GM5, GMP5, GMP3, or GMP1. I'll put the "trade value" at 550 so I'd love an even trade for a GM5, and this little pirate plus cash on my end for a GMP5, GMP3, or GMP1. Action is excellent, solid...
  12. rdtshaw

    CAUTION! Scammer! Bodydrop247

    Well we know what the knife scams were all about then. Sad it had to end like that though. An ass whopping, some jail time, and a trip to rehab would have been a solid outcome.
  13. rdtshaw

    Shirogorov Neon NL

    Did I read that right, F&F only payment on this?
  14. rdtshaw


    Oh man, I'm so sorry. I thought the AUS8 one was that darker black. I just looked closer at the pic (on my computer, not my small phone screen) and I see the S35VN now. Love to pick it up then if it's available! Thanks for setting me straight! :)
  15. rdtshaw


    Retraction Retracted. I need glasses. lol. I'll take the Spartan Enyo!
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