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    WTT CS American Lawman

    I have just emailed you an offer on a delica.
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    New year's eyelet die giveaway.

    I'm in. I started making sheaths just last week with the cheap setter and I am getting inconsistent results. Thanks for the chance.
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    WTT, Looking for Kydex materials/tools.

    Hey Guys, I am looking into getting into kydex sheath making. I have limited funds so I want to trade a knife for some kydex sheet material/rivets. I have a used Kershaw needs work w/Blue handles. It has a solid lock-up, minor scratches. There is one bigger scratch near the tip, but it does not...
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    Delica Stiffness??

    Ok thanks. I have no problem with not flicking the knife. It just annoyed me that the other was so smooth.
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    Delica Stiffness??

    Hey Guys, I currently have 2 delica's. One of them is smooth and easy to open. The other is stiff to open. I have tried adjusting the pivot and I can't make it any easier to open without a large amount of horizontal play. I think it has to do with the lock bar so I oiled the lock bar pivot and...
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    using wet dry sand paper as part of my sharpening system

    As long as you can free hand sharpen it will work great. I have used it alot. If your looking for a V edge back with glass or other smooth/hard surface. If you want a convex edge then back with a smooth/soft surface (leather, mousepad)
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    Best Spyderco for under $60?

    The delica is a great knife. Its on of my favorite edc blades. I don't have an endura but I suspect that its just as good as the delica. There is also the native FRN which is also a good edc knife except that it doesn't slice very well and really struggles with deep cardboard cuts.
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    Dmt ?

    I dont think you will get a shaving edge with the coarse. Have a look at jdavis882 and solosknife review on youtube. Both have very good videos about sharpening. I tend to work up a burr on one side, the switch to the other side and get a burr again. After this I change the stone to a finer...
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    High Edge Retention Kitchen Knife??

    Ok, Thanks Guys. He went with the Hiromoto AS
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    High Edge Retention Kitchen Knife??

    Is it V ground or chisel ground??
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    High Edge Retention Kitchen Knife??

    Didn't think he'd be able to get both, I just posted what he asked for. I will be the one to sharpen his knives and I don't mind sharpening hard steels. He won't strop it so it will need to be able to hold a decent age for about 6 months (not unnecessary shaving sharp but a decent working edge)...
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    High Edge Retention Kitchen Knife??

    He also say he likes carbon steel because of how it forms a patina
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    High Edge Retention Kitchen Knife??

    Hey Guys, My uncle has asked me to find him an 8 and a 10 inch kitchen knife. His knives knives are only going to be sharpened every 6 months (approx), so long edge retention is a must (Its his top criteria). He is willing to pay up to $150 per knife. What are your guy's recommendation. What are...
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    Hawk Bill with a index finger flipper?

    You could always put 2 washes and a screw (like the pivot screws) on the spydie hole on the spyderco. You could also buy one of those quick stud things and put it on a spyderco.
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    Ok, I'm buying stones to freehand with.

    Here's My strop. I hope you can see the compound properly, I always try to even it out. And the obligatory knife pic.
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    Ok, I'm buying stones to freehand with.

    If I remember I'll post a pic of my sharpening set up in the morning.
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    What knives do you have sitting next to you right now, huh?

    Sorry no pics. But right next to me is a Spyderco Tenacious, Spyderco Delica, and a Spyderco Dragonfly H1. If you didn't guess, I'm a Spyderco guy.
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    Ok, I'm buying stones to freehand with.

    If there's anything else you need feel free to email me - [email protected]
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    Ok, I'm buying stones to freehand with.

    It should even out over time. I reapply every month.
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    Ok, I'm buying stones to freehand with.

    I'd try to even out the compound more but I don't think it matters really, just rub it in a bit more by hand. I find I learn more about sharpening every time I sharpen a knife. Your Welcome -George
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