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    Hacksaw blade neck knives

    Bottom - Tiny Utility - Blade:1.5" Drop Point, OAL:3.75", Sheath 2.25". Handle:Bamboo & Leather. Center - Tiny Utility II - Blade:2.0" Drop Point, OAL:4.5", Sheath:3.0", Handle:Bamboo. Top - Yellow Jacket - Blade:2.25" Dagger, OAL:4.75", Sheath:3.0", Handle:Bamboo & Pine. Blades were ground...
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    Grand-daddy's Old Timer - blade degradation

    My dad carved monkeys out of peach seeds, and favored Case and Schrade. He also always sharpened on soft Arkansas stones. I have some of his old knives with the blades worn down to what now looks like sharpened ice picks. :)
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    Don't fight with your knife!

    Quote Originally Posted by jackknife View Post "Alright!" he said, his voice echoing off the ceiling. "Listen up. There's things everyman should always have in his pockets. A knife, bandana or two, something to make a fire with, and maybe even a small flashlight. Joben: "I was never in...
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    Knives I Wish I Didn't Buy....

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow... ALL my knives have drawn my blood soon after aquisition...goes with the hobby. (Nothing serious, though...yet!) :)
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    2 weeks shaving with an opinel 9

    OK, 14 shaves used how many Band-aids/bits o' toilet paper? :p
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    Sawblade steel

    I've made several fillet type knives from band saw blades, and they perform great. Anyone know "what blade/what steel"? That is, saw blades can be had from Home Depot, etc, but which blade brands are made from what steel?
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    new AG Russell Sting

    Welcome, Jeremiah. AGR is a great company to deal with. I ordered by phone via credit card and the knife arrived 3 days later.
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    Anyone ever retire a knife because...

    1. My late father's Unc.Henry Stockman. 2. The small lockback stiletto I carried in Vietnam. 3. The Schade #148 fixed blade that I got in 1962.
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    You Carry a Knife Because?

    Because: 1. It's a family tradition, I come from 2 long lines of whittlers. 2. You just never know... 3. It compensates somewhat for my short...Uh...reach. Yeah, my short reach.;)
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    what was your first knife?

    Ka-Bar 3 bladed stockman...around 1954, at age 8 or 9. Wish I still had it. I do have my late father's Uncle Henry stockman. He carved many a peach-seed animal with it (monkies, armadillos, razor-back hogs, etc). It'll go to my son when I'm gone.
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    sub-sub-minature folders?

    I have the AGR Ultimate pen knife, my wife carries it on her keychain. I found that the very thin VG-10 edge chipped too easily for me...just micro-chips that made the edge toothy. Wt=.2oz. AGR Ult. Pen: I...
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    new AG Russell Sting

    The sheath is EXCELLENT! Heavy leather, stitched well, metal belt clip. The leather finish is superb, smooth and shiny, in a very dark brown color. Fits the knife well.
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    new AG Russell Sting

    I have the new Sting...great knife! I missed out on the original Stings in '77, but convinced my wife that this one would be an early Christmas present. ;) It's very solid, takes a fantastic edge(s), and like all AGR knives, the fit & finish is top rate.
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    What's the craziest thing someone said to you about one of your knives?

    Sorry Gadg. I tried to make a video but kept getting tomato juice on the camera lens. :confused:
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    So I've had a few days with the Sanrenmu 710

    Welcome. :) Superglue works well for leather/stainless. Precut the leather to the handle outline, leaving ~1/16 margin, so the leather doesn't go all the way to the edge. Make a cutout so you can adjust the pivot screw, etc. Clean the stainless surface with a damp cloth, dry, then wipe with...
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    What's the craziest thing someone said to you about one of your knives?

    There's an old saying: "For every task there is a specific tool...and that tool is a hammer!" Obviously coined by a NKP. ;)
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    So I've had a few days with the Sanrenmu 710

    I found a 'slippery-grip' issue with my all stainless Kershaw Leek. I fixed it by super-gluing a piece of soft grey glove leather to the smooth side. That leather on the non-clip side works wonders for grip.
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    What are your thoughts on what makes a folding knife "kid friendly?"

    +1:thumbup: Make the kid "knife friendly" , not the knife "kid friendly". Instruct/teach properly, then most any knife will work OK. 1. That said, I go with a slippy, a Case Peanut, or similar non-tactical... teach that a knife is a TOOL, not a weapon. 2. Get some Band-Aids...I've...
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    Gerber ICON folder?

    Bear Claw...what 'local store' was that?
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