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    Moldy Leather handle

    I could use some help here guys. My grandfathers KaBar he carried in WWII has been in my collection for some years now, but suddenly it has developed some fuzzy white mold on the leather handle. I can't say for certain how long it has been going on as this knife is not a user for me, I...
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    Firebox Stove, tell me about it.

    Steve, I like your stove. Nice piece of kit for canoe trips. I'd have bought a full sized Ti even if it long as it folds and works who cares? 2lbs is a bit heavy for backpacking though.
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    Why mod Machetes?

    Dirtknap, Have you chopped one down? In what way does the chopped machetes improve performance? I understand handle mods, and sharpening mods...but the radical golok-like cut backs have me scratching my head. Not knocking it, and if one does it for fun or because they want a shorter blade then...
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    Why mod Machetes?

    I can understand the "just because" theory......I do a lot of things "just because" and I thoroughly enjoy it. I had only thought that with SO many people doing such similar mods to their machetes that there might be a performance reason why.
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    Why mod Machetes?

    Hey there. I've been playing around with my El Cheapo machete over the last couple weeks, trying to build up some skills before I drop any money on a decent blade. Truth be told I am more of a hatchet/axe man myself, but I like some khuks as well. Trying to broaden my horizons with the...
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    I would like to see a...

    I'd like to see a new Becker Brute.
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    Screw up giveaway. 52100 Hawk w/ stabilized curly maple

    Wow. I'd love to give that thing a work over. #150 please
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    The Fallacy of Bugging Out

    Agreed. It appears to me that most people that buy into this have very little experience in the wilderness. There is a big difference between learning a "survival skill" in your backyard vs growing up doing these thing for fun. Can it be done? Maybe, for a while by people that have a wealth of...
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    Some of you need to get over yourselves.

    I live in a very rural area that depends heavily on fisheries. If, as a guy, you were to ask someone at random for a knife your would probably get a fixed blade. And a strange look for NOT carrying a knife. Knives are very useful tools.....I seem to use my EDC everyday, and not for idiot things...
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    Fighting with a CAK?

    I've always wondered what the pratical difference is between the WWII and the BAS in equal lengths. For me I have a 20' CAK and love it for heavy work, but it is weighty. I picked up a smalled khuk for belt use when I am out and about in the woods, a 14.5 inch 21 ounce Boomerang by Dil Kami...
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    Becker brute????

    I was hoping for a new run of Brutes since the orginal ones are so expensive. I looked around at NIB on the Internet a couple times and figured I could probably have a custom one made for the same money.
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    Becker brute????

    You got it. :) Wish ammo was cheaper. My "lifetime supply" of surplus was woefully underestimated.
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    Becker brute????

    Now that we all have Bk-5s I wonder if there is any hope for us to see a new Becker Brute in the future? Any thoughts?
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    What if Cold Steel had a U.S. "Zero Tolerance"-like division?

    I suppose for me the difference is in the manipulation. There are other locks that are plenty strong while being easier to use. Admittedly that cone from my own experience with only two tri-ad knives.
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    What if Cold Steel had a U.S. "Zero Tolerance"-like division?

    I never quite understood the love for the tri-ad lock. I have a couple, and I admit they are strong as Hell but really, how strong does a lock have to be? I compare this lock against my Skirmish or ZT0200 and think these knives aren't lacking anything in lock strength. Cold Steel is doing what...
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    Benchmade 760BK LFTi Lum Tanto *** NIB *** SOLD-SOLD-SOLD ***

    I'll take it. Edit: Email and paypal sent. Thanks
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    Need some Khuks Sharpened.

    Awesome. Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Need some Khuks Sharpened.

    Anyone? Anyone at all?
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    Need some Khuks Sharpened.

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