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    What is your pick for best self defense Spydie

    I'd have to go with the Military - long blade, large and comfortable handle, ambidextrous opening... that would be my pick.
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    REX 45 Burnt Orange Paramilitary 2 Sprint Run

    That CPM REX 45 is the US version of HAP40 as far as I see... so this should be a very good steel indeed :)
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    Review Manly Folders: Comrade, Peak, Wasp. Fixed Blades: Patriot and Drugar, Made in Bulgaria

    Manly are making a new version of the Drugar - with CPM154 steel: Although the hardness is listed at 59-61HRC, in actuality it is very close to the 61HRC mark. Currently is is still in short supply, but there is interest and soon these will start to make appearance on the market. I got it two...
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    Your favorite Spyderco that doesn't exist

    Endura in Maxamet.
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    Off Topic Using collectable or rare knives

    I use all of mine too. I have a few sprint runs and they see just as much work as my other knives.
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    How many Spyderco knives do you own and how many get regular use?

    I have a total of 7 Spydercos, the ones that see the most use are the HAP40 Endura and the two GBs.
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    S110V vs S90V

    I have a G10 Manix 2 in S110V and a custom Bulgarian forum folder in S90V - both are not difficult to sharpen, I run them all the way up to a synthetic ruby 3000-4000 grit stone and they take an amazingly razor sharp edges (mirror polished as well). If it weren't for the markings on the blades I...
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    Maxamet Future Plans

    Endura in Maxamet too :)
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    How about a CPM M4 Endura?

    I have also noticed that M4 (GB and GB2) has more edge retention in EDC tasks than HAP40 (Endura).
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    How about a CPM M4 Endura?

    M4 and HAP40 are more or less the same steel, or in the same category of steel - I doubt they would even consider this. On the other hand I'd love to see an Endura in HAP72 @68-69HRC :)
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    Review Manly Folders: Comrade, Peak, Wasp. Fixed Blades: Patriot and Drugar, Made in Bulgaria

    The CPM S90V version was a sprint run piece for a Bulgarian blade forum. It will not appear as a standard offering. Apart from that - the S90V version is an extremely aggressive and long-lasting cutter, it also has thinned down cutting edge (0.014 - 0.015) - as far as I remember it did around...
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    What is the smartest thing you have ever done with a Knife?

    The coolest thing I've ever done is to whittle a hexagonal torx bit from a piece of hardwood - a few years ago a friend of mine was riding her bike along with me and her seat became loose, I did not have any instruments with me so I made one with a Bulgarian Manly folder in D2 :) She was...
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    Rockwell hardness 1055 vs 5160

    The GI Tanto is run at 54-55HRC. Basically you will not notice any appreciable difference between the two steels.
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    Shirogorov Steels - S30v?

    There is HT and there is HT. Shirogorov have a special proprietary HT protocol for S30V and they run it at 61+HRC. As far as I have read and heard their S30V is around ELMAX in performance, so a Shirogorov S30V technically can outperform an ELMAX knife with sub-optimal HT, or even a M390 knife.
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    What was your most recent knife purchase?

    A Gayle Bradley 1 in perfect condition :)
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    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    My newest addition to the collection - Gayle Bradley :) That thing is a tank! :)
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    Gayle Bradley 2 detent FIXED post 32..

    All we need to see now is how long will that detent ball last :)
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    Knives Plus S30V Delica 4

    Anything on an Endura 4 in S30V?
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    Cold Steel CTS-XHP vs Benchmade 154CM

    Own them both, like them both, but CTS-XHP is the better steel.
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    Carbon steel vs 3v practical differences for large fixed blades

    I doubt 3V will be tougher that 1095, 5160 or 52100 due to the large volume of carbides in 3V. Still for such a high-carbide steel the toughness is impressive.
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