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    Joel Chamblin *SOLD*

    250 is fair! Joel is an exceptional knife maker
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    Fort Turner Forge = BAD

    I did receive my rr hawk finally!!!
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    8/8 Smiley Wedge Pre-Buy

    Where's the pics??
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    Fort Turner Forge = BAD

    I must say... "Got shipping conf! Tracking # too!!! My RR's Hawk should be here tomorrow.
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    JD WARE Small, Slim, Slip Joint Pen Knife - Madera de Cumaru- 3/32" Stainless SOLD

    Another great slip joint J. Very nice work! C.P.
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    JD WARE Small Slip Joint Pen Knife - Beautiful "Bark" Bull Horn - 1/16" SS (SOLD)

    Beautiful work.. Sorry J been real busy. I will be in touch soon.
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    CCL Survey

    STI Duty One 5.0 & Fobus holster.. My "carry" pistol.
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    JD WARE Small Slip Joint Pen Knife - Beautiful "Bark" Bull Horn - 1/16" SS (SOLD)

    Love this bark bull horn. Do you have enough left to make a large folder? Beautiful knife J! Cody-
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    Magnus Framelock

    Wow! Could I order one of these?
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    2 Brand new Manix 2 folders. 154cm, black G10.

    125 shipped for both of the knives? Or 125 each?
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    Carved Ti Framelock (sold)

    This is absolutely stunning work!
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    elmax,stabilized maple/menem

    ?? So is this knife sold ?
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    Composite damascus fighter with Ironwood

    Nick, you make one fine looking knife bud!!!
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    Fort Turner Forge = BAD

    Wish he would at least reply to one of my emails. I'm extremely pissed off at the way he conducts business! Dana needs to tell his customers the truth!! That it's gonna be more than "8weeks"
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    Fort Turner Forge = BAD

    Yup! I've been waiting a long time myself. He will not return my emails at all! Really ticks me off to pay up front (full price) then be jerked around. I simply cannot stand a man who's word is no good.
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    Spyderco Domino - mostly like new

    Thank you! Looking forward to this one!!
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