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    Might shut down Kryptoglow

    I'd have a hard time giving up especially when your in the right. It really depends on how badly you want to keep your company name. You could always countersue for lawyer fees after you win.
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    Sugar Bowl Giveaway Contest

    722 tot yards. Thanks!
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    Pay it forward 8 - "THE OCHO"!

    I love my Ritter mini grip, but if you go that route, you'll probably want to budget in some new scales (the only thing I don't like about it).
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    Pay it forward 8 - "THE OCHO"!

    What kind of price difference between them? I've had a couple of XD's over the last few years and settled on the 4" .40. I don't remember paying a ton of money for it. Maybe just over $300 new which I thought was pretty reasonable. Not sure what they go for now though.
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    Pay it Forward-The Remake Part 4

    I would like the Spyderco if it's available. Never held one and wouldn't mind trying it out.
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    Izula II Giveaway time from USA Made Blade

    Cool GAW. Thanks for hosting it.
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    Pay it Forward-The Remake Part 4

    I got your Cryo 2 originally. And then I forwarded it on to JNieporte after he PIF'd a bunch of blades and requested a Cyro 2. Never heard back from him on whether or not he received it though.
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    Climbing tree stand Knife

    have you looked at a Buck crosslock?
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    Izula II Giveaway time from USA Made Blade

    Used my SAK. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!
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    Knife handle GIVEAWAY!!!

    Not an entry as I don't own a 11, but I just wanted to say that you do nice work.
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    My Becker BK-2-B Custom

    Nice work!
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    Steve Corkum does not deliver on paid orders

    That's pathetic. From the ebay profile: "Based in United States, mrtownsend83 has been an eBay member since Sep 07, 2013"
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    My first year on BladeForums Give Away

    Thanks Bladeforums! And thanks for a chance at the GAW!
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    Pay it Forward - The Remake: Part 3

    X1000 That's pretty awesome.
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    Becker Skills and Information Thread 01 - October 2013 - Fire

    One tip from my Father in-law I was reminded about when seeing the bottle cap candle reposted by DerekH. If you take cardboard egg cartons and fill them with a melted mix of wax, sawdust, and a wick, they work well as a fire starter. Make a carton at a time and just cut them apart after the...
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    Pay it Forward - The Remake: Part 3

    I was just joking around too. Hunt ethically by whatever legal means you're comfortable with.
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    Pay it Forward - The Remake: Part 3

    It's called practice. LOL
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    Pay it Forward - The Remake: Part 3

    ^ what he said. JK
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    Pay it Forward - The Remake: Part 3

    WW, I've tried gloves and tabs both and prefer a glove. My reasoning is that I bowhunt and like the fact that a glove straps around your wrist. The last thing I want to do is climb out of a treestand b/c I dropped a tab. Both work though. Also, with a glove you can shoot split or three under...
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