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  1. I.R.R. Token

    Single owner Holt Specter V4 Feather **SOLD**

    I won this in an IG lotto. #801 V4 burnished in the nude, feather, stonewashed M390. Carried and used carefully and sparingly. Pics don't do it justice. Original everything included $OLD No trades thank you
  2. I.R.R. Token

    First Run Vero Synapse XL BNIP - SOLD

    BNIP first run Synapse XL, end cut CF, stonewash blade, raw hardware $575 PP G&S, insured
  3. I.R.R. Token

    DLT Para 3 Cruwear **SOLD**

    BNIB Asking [$OLD on alternate venue] Sorry no trades
  4. I.R.R. Token

    **SOLD**PJ Sebenza 25 featured on the youtubes

    Recently spa'd PJ Seb 25. Doesn't include the original box but does come with cloth, wrenches, lube, loctite, and washers (all unused). Born on Valentines day 2013. I'm not the original owner, I bought this un-spa'd from Rob Bixby, aka the Apostle P on Sept 10, 2020 on his weekly Thursday night...
  5. I.R.R. Token

    [[SOLD]] BNIP Gareth Bull Production ShamWEri

    Received today, too small for my liking. Flipped a few times and took pics. Nice centering, drops shut, remarkably sharp. Flawless from what I can tell from briefly handling it. Asking $SOLD TYD PP G&S.
  6. I.R.R. Token

    [SOLD] Benchmade Bugout Nice User

    Atom sold on different venue
  7. I.R.R. Token

    [SOLD] Benchmade Bugout Nice User

    Winged CF usually among the fastest to sell out, also usually as or more expensive than TRM's other higher-end scales
  8. I.R.R. Token

    [SOLD] Benchmade Bugout Nice User

    Update 10/4/20, price drop on Bugout. Thinning the collection. 1st up: TRM Atom, I am the original owner, BNIB, safe queen. Very small dimpled imperfection on clip as received from factory. [See pic] (also appears to be a fine micro hair below the lower hole on the clip, this is NOT a scratch...
  9. I.R.R. Token

    TRM Atom SOLD

    Dude fantastic price, what a great deal, jeez. Congrats all around
  10. I.R.R. Token

    **$OLD**Reate x Kirby Lambert Crossroads LNIB **$OLD**

    Up for sale is an Oct 2018, Reate Crossroads w/ marble CF, Titanium bolster lock, and M390 (clip point?) blade, blue anodized hardware, blue/gold anodized pivot, milled ti clip, and floating back spacer. Never carried, never cut. Fit and finish are impressive w/ a glassy action and fall...
  11. I.R.R. Token

    SOLD**American Blade Works Model 1 V4 Jade G10**SOLD

    Catch and release. I'm the second owner. Bought it last week BNIB here on blade forums. Flipped it a few times. Never carried never cut. Very nicely executed fit and finish. Love this knife just searching for the right set of scales. Comes with ABW sticker and zip pouch. Asking: $$$OLD
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