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    HI Skean Du

    I seem to remember that there was a Skean Du type knife was made by HI but can't remember the name. May ave been something the late Rusty helped create. Any help would be appreciated as well as pictures.
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    check out this battle hawk.

    Sweet looking battle hawk.
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    Hawk fighting pou.

    I carry because its my constitutional right to keep and bear arms and because I can. It doesn't mean I'm paranoid, just that I will protect myself from criminals if they try to harm me or my family because the police don't have to protect us. I also carry a knife or two with me.
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    How do I fix gaps on a horn handled AK

    I'm assuming clear epoxy?
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    How do I fix gaps on a horn handled AK

    I need some help folks. I have a 12" AK with a horn handle used very little and there seems to be a slight gap between the brass sections on both ends. I think maybe the horn has shrunk? What is the best way to fill this gap? This is the first HI Khukuri I bought from Uncle Bill so its really...
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    Tomahawk's used in WWII

    Too bad somebody doesn't make and updated version of that with a wider head and more narrow handle like a regular hawk.
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    In Memory of Rusty

    Yangdu My thoughts and prayers go out to you. I found HI by total accident years back and Uncle Bill answered all my questions and made me feel like a old friend. I still have the first 2 HI khukri's I got from HI and Uncle Bill. I will treasure them always . Uncle Bill and you give HI a...
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    whats your next Becker(s)?

    I want a Machax and a Crewman when they come out.
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    Daisy Cutter Protoype

    Vec What's that handle made out of? Or is that Classified?
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    Bura and Murali

    Smoke and Prayers for Master Bura and his family.
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    Snow Slick for tomahawk head works well

    Any pics of the hawk in question with this finish?
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    Ethan's Trip to KaBar Olean/NY Last Week

    So the BK-10 is back on the docket for being made by KaBar if I'm reading your post right? Awesome can't wait. I've never been a really patient person, but I guess I'll have to sit back and relax until the new MachAx and BK-10 come out. I'll take at least 1 of each.
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    Ethan's Trip to KaBar Olean/NY Last Week

    Toooj Any idea when the new MachAx will be out? Can you give us the specs as well (length,weight) on the new version of the MachAx?
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    New product questions

    +1000 The new MachAx looks to be a heck of a chopper. Might even replace my Khukri when it comes out.
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    humble hawk project update, part 1

    vec Sweet looking new hawk heads. You are such a tease vec.:D
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    Post your Becker knives pics here

    It's called a monkey's fist.
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    Hey everybody,long time gone but back now

    Ethan Any chance the Brute , Machax or Becker/Rienhart Khukuri will return?
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    Mark V BUGs

    What you gonna make your own BUG heads once you get that vec?
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    Hawk head to head to head.With pics.

    Calebklyne Funny you should mention that I was thinking about sending my V-TAC to vec and having him put a 20/21 inch handle put on it and having a Survival Systems sheath made for it.
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    Becker Brute

    I would buy at least 2 KaBar made Becker Brutes. Bring back the Brute. While your at it bring back the Machax.
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