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  1. J

    Favorite ZT

    ZT 0452 matches my rifle.
  2. J

    Pair of 452s at the house

    Thanks to all.
  3. J

    Pair of 452s at the house

    Very recent purchase. Arrived 2/26/16.Wouldn't mind if they kept limited production on some 452s. Choice is good. The 455s are good also.
  4. J

    Pair of 452s at the house

    May not be made now, but there is still a supply of 452 Ultra Luxes in the supply line. Buds is where I got mine and they show it still available along with the Lux, scout and left hand.
  5. J

    Pair of 452s at the house

    Got a new tongue twister CZ-ZT or ZT-CZ? Either way a pair of 452s found each other. Out of boxes. I like the pair. Both high quality production weapons. And it satisfies my need for symmetry. Bill
  6. J

    Looking for a new EDC, and I have a ton of questions

    If you can find one a ZT0770CFM390 (ngk has 3.) I picked up one recently from kershawguy. My EDC is ZT0452. It is a good large thinish knife. It is great for my large hands.
  7. J

    What's your favorite "beater"?

    ZT0452. Seems like it is gathering a following. Never wished for a bigger knife after I got this one.
  8. J

    Updated w/ PICs: Cant decide..... Emerson Rangemaster Sheepdog OR ZT0909 Les George?

    Going by the pictures, I think you made the right choice.
  9. J

    Best folder under $200

    While the ZT0452 may be a good EDC it can not be considered a gentleman's folder. It is a very large knife with an aggressive look. For a gentleman's folder in the ZT line you might consider the ZT0770CF. At $180 it is well within your price point new. I got a 0452 last week from a member for...
  10. J

    ZT0562CF vs Brous Blades Mini Division

    I have 2 ZTs with round pivots, they have not loosened on their own. I will however add purple locktite when it arrives. I don't think they will loosen on their own with locktite. I believe he meant it will still spin with locktite not loosen. You need 2 torx bits to take the pivot apart as it...
  11. J

    Well, we just hit 999,000

    Me. I'm a 1 in a million.
  12. J

    First ZT?

    What size knife do you want? The 0452 is a pretty big knife that feels pretty light and has a thinner blade than most ZTs. The 0770 line is a much smaller line that is very light. There are very thick zts like the 0301 do some research and find the one you like.
  13. J

    CRK centering

    If you bought it to admire, you might have a problem. If you bought it to use, it's perfect. Most things I own I really hate the first scratch (ding, dent, imperfection.) But after that first hit I use the heck out of it and just don't worry about it. It's kind of freeing to have it out of the...
  14. J

    Info about a seller

    His feedback is available if you search for his name. Once you have found it, left click on his user name, and choose view profile. In the first tab under his profile is his feedback.
  15. J

    What's your favorite ZT NON-assisted opening knife?

    I've only got 3 ZTs. The 0770CFM390 is my favorite, but the 0452 I just received is a very good flipper. Finally the regular 0770 is fine also. I don't mind the assisted opening knives. Probably runs along the lines of auto/stick in cars. Either is fine with me. They have advantages and...
  16. J

    GONE...ZT 0452 Carbon Fiber....

    Great doing business with you. Bill
  17. J

    Titanium three ribbed lanyard bead giveaway

    I am in. For the maroon polished in the last picture.
  18. J

    Your sub 120 do it all EDC

    Blade HQ has the Zero Tolerance 0770 for 119.99. It is 3.25" Elmax blade. It has aluminum scales. And I saved you a penny.
  19. J

    The CRK Anticipation Thread - Show Your 'Inbound's!

    Wrong forum. Apologies.
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