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  1. Crayola

    So what knife will you be using Christmas morning to open up gifts with??

    I will be taking a two tool approach. Knifevwill be a Japanese carpenter knife from Lee Valley Tools. Curved blade, carbon steel, decent point... Perfect. But it will be accompanied with my trusty Leatherman. I have found that twisting those plastic zip ties off with pliers to be the best way to...
  2. Crayola

    Tanto vs. Drop Point/PE vs. Combo

    +1 for the plain edge. Don't count out the tanto though. My main carry is a Buck Strider tanto folder and it works great on all of my utility chores. I like the massive tip. I have poked and prodded and pryed and scraped and done all kinds of things with that tip that your usual drop point...
  3. Crayola

    edgepro and my money

    I have used many systems in the past: Gatco, Razor Edge Systems, waterstones (Stone Pond from Lee Valley Tools), Edge Pro Apex system, belt sander, DMT bench stones and a Sharpmaker. ALL of these systems work. I think it depends on what you are after. All of my sharpening nowadays is done...
  4. Crayola

    lansky sharpeners

    Dewberry, I have used Lansky kits before and I owned a similar system by Gatco at one point. These kits can do an excellent job on sharpening knives. I found them better at smaller knives with less-generous curves at the belly. One tip I would like o echo would be to do your reprofiling...
  5. Crayola

    10 years and one day

    Congratulations! I too have not been the most active as of late... shouldn't have bought a house 2 years ago! It is interesting to think about how much knives have changed. I joined 9 years ago and my first good knife was a Benchmade AFCK. Liner-locks were the way to go and we all thought...
  6. Crayola

    Paramilitary refinement - need input

    Hi Sal, this is my first post after a few months absence. I have been carrying my spydies almost exclusively since Christmas. I sure nejoy my Meercat (My cat gave it to me!) and I won Dialex' Adventura contest in April and that knife has sure been a pleasure (to my surprise, to be honest!)...
  7. Crayola

    Time to pull up shop and move!!

    Good luck with the move Brian! If knifemakers didn't move once in a while, their shops would never get cleaned :)
  8. Crayola

    Brown Recluse Spider Death

    I am sorry to hear about your loss. My sister used to live in a home that had a few of these spiders living in the garage, which was her entrance to her suite. Luckily she was never bitten. Thank-you to those who posted treatment information.
  9. Crayola

    Hawk going ballistic

    GREAT pic! thank-you very much for the work you put into it!
  10. Crayola

    A Clan of Axes

    Nice work, as always!! Right now I make stock removal knives, but I hope to build my first forge in 3 years, learn the art of heat-n-beat and make axes and hawks. Your work is inspirational!
  11. Crayola

    CS Trailmaster Handle Removal?

    You can still do a nice paracord wrap project! Use mortise-tang construction with some wood. Basically, you take some wood (I suggest basswood or poplar, easy to work but great for the project and will have an inherent bit of squishyness to it) and then trace the outline of the tang on the...
  12. Crayola


    Thanks for the information. Just a quick note, that compaby is HAYS knvies, not HAYES. HAYES sounds to me like Wally Hayes from Canada, who I believe did have a collaboration with ATC. I know that HAYS knives and ATC parted ways unamicably, but I don't believe that Wally Hayes and ATC went...
  13. Crayola

    saying good-bye to full-time bladesmithing

    Nick, I can see that this was a difficult decision, but it sounds like you made the right one. I wish you luck in your new job and in your part-time shop!
  14. Crayola

    My new shop

    COOL! Must feel great to have a real shop! Please post some pics when you get your auto grinders set up! Those sound great! Do you dump steel in on one side and finished knives pop out the other? ;)
  15. Crayola

    Spyderco Police questions

    Hello! I have not doe what you have mentioned to a folder, though for a modification project it is a great one to start with. Just remove the stainless scales, trace the shape(s) on g-10, drill your holes, then cut out the g-10 and shape it! Two points: though you are probably aware of...
  16. Crayola

    What's the secret to sharpening a knife?

    Do you want to know the secret to sharpening? Here it is.... ready? There are 2 secrets to sharpening. SHAPE and FINISH The shape of the edge (geometry question) and the finish of the edge (rougher or finer grit used at the last stage) determines how your knife will cut. NEVER...
  17. Crayola

    Knife Brand Impressions from a New Collector

    Welcome to the forums! It is always good to hear a fresh perspective from new members. I would disagree on your assessment of Spyderco's lack of technical innovation though. They popularized serrations, introduced the pocket clip, and the round hole opening is a trademark of theirs. Also...
  18. Crayola

    Knife book: "Tactical Knives" by Dietmar Pohl

    Moderators: feel free to move this. I thought General is appropriate though, as interest would be of a general nature for forumites. Recently I had a birthday and my lovely cat Noel, with the help of my lovely wife Lyndsey, got me two knife books. BLADE's new guide to knife making, and this...
  19. Crayola

    Spyderco Sharpmaker versus kitchen steel

    My pleasure Laceration! No worries about terms, we throw 'em around all the time on forums. I get confused myself at times and I simply post and ask what a person meant! That's the fun of the forums. Best of luck keeping 'em sharp everyone!
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