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    Just wondering what you guys think of this

    Icyblue ya he just pulled the link. I said I linked his post to the CRK forum to see what the collectors would have to say and down it went. lol. I have the screen shots tho. ;)
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    Just wondering what you guys think of this

    The hardware looks off and the lock bar cut out width looks suspect.
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    Just wondering what you guys think of this

    It's been a while since I posted, but I came across somthing today that seems odd. I could be totally wrong about what they are doing, but to me it looks like this guy from American Heathen products is buying china Sebenzas putting his own spin on them and reselling them. Like I said I could...
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    Sebenza 21 with Devin Thomas Raindrop Damascus

    Local store??? Which one brother?
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    Is the Sebenza that great?

    To me the greatness of the Sebenza comes from carrying and using the knife. The design and quality of the knife really make it a pleasure to own and maintain. If your curious about the Sebenza I'd recommend picking up a used one from the exchange and trying it for a month or so to see if it's...
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    Sebenza 25 Micarta

    CRK is my favorite company and their folders are all I really carry. So I dont want to jump on the negitive bandwagon, but I truly think that the inlays on that knife look wrong or off in some way. I just really really hope that is just a mock up, prototype, or photoshop of some sort, because I...
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    The perfect android phone !!

    The note 3 is a beast in both specs and size. I use to think these large display phones were ridiculous and laughed at the thought of owning one. But after comparing the note 3 and the iphone 5s I just couldn't bring myself to go with the smaller screen. So I went with the note 3. And to be...
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    Insingo or traditional blade profile which is more useful to you?

    I love them both and find them equally useful. The insingo is a little harder to clean dirt from my nails with however.
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    Christmas Sebenza

    Looks great! Congratulations!
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    Canada users...

    Just have it returned to seller. Get your money back and buy one inside Canada. Don't fight it. It's not worth the hassle Imo.
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    25 Owners, have you warmed up to that blade notch??

    Not a fan. But I can overlook it.
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    Hey man, got a knife? Just say no.

    I always just say maybe, and ask what they need cut? And then lend the knife out or not depending on their answer.
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    How often do you grease the chassis?

    once or twice a year is good for me if the knife isn't used at work.
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    Knife Giveaway: Bad Blood Raiju ***Winner #49

    I'm in. Thanks for the chance!
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    Can't decide between Micarta inlay or plain Sebenza 21..

    It's been awhile since Ive checked but, I'm pretty sure the Micarta Sebenzas are good for the refinish. I think it's only the wood inlayed Sebs with the satin finish scales that can't be reblasted.
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    Original lanyard removal & pin retainage

    I like the Oring look myself.
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    If you could only have one CRK folder for the rest of your life...

    Large Micarta 21 would do me just fine.
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