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    12" Sirupati weight forward advantage/comparison

    I had a 12" Siru, which I returned to Bill because I could only get 3 fingers on the handle. For most average-sized males in the West, I think that the handles on the HI 12"ers are going to be on the small side. The handle length seems to vary by model. The Balance that I just got from Bill...
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    Disjointed Ramblings on The Khukuri as Microcosm

    Any married man could have told you that, Beo. Even one who's only been married for six months. S.
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    Who made my knife?

    I agree, Bruise. Plus, Sanu's "baby-grand-piano-leg" handles are very distinctive. (I love Sanu's blades but hate his handles.) My guess is that forging lines that straight and angles that distinct is very difficult. Hence, it's their way of showing off their skill. Both Sher's work and...
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    HI Yataghan?

    Nice links, Firkin. Only the kamis know how they'd interpret any request for such a blade. Hibuke: I don't know what happened to it. I know that I'm not the only one who wants one (Ruel did, too - though I haven't seen him about in quite some time). I don't believe that a model was...
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    HI Yataghan?

    Firkin: To the best of my knowledge, a yataghan is a weapon of the Turkic peoples (both in central Asia and in Turkey). Every yataghan I've ever seen in photos or in person has had the "ears". Most have had a forward-curving blade, although I've seen one or two that had blades similar to...
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    HI Kerambit Design Thread

    A chiruwa #3 would be an OK comprimise for me. Hibuke: I prefer a steel ring (i.e. the chiruwa handle) for pommel strikes. The the "integral loop" handles would have the ring made from the handle material - horn or wood - as I understand it. The integral loop would probably the least work...
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    HI Kerambit Design Thread

    Pen: I certainly want that to be the reaction of anyone potentially on the receiving end of it. #1 is still my fave. I figure a curved chiruwa like that wouldn't be too difficult for the kamis. The could even make it without the bolster, if that would be simpler. I'll pass on the...
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    My Other Convention Find-- M-43 by Sher

    Okay, Josh, now you have me really wishing I'd made it there. A horn-handled, steel-mounted M-43 by Sher is on my want list. Jealously yours, S.
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    HI Kerambit Design Thread

    Dan: Sorry for the surprise. I figured that since you'd seen my return address before, that you'd realize who it was from. I'm for the more curvy, though I think that either will work. Hibuke: I wanted something that would pack more striking power than the typical kerambit...
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    HI Kerambit Design Thread

    The sketches made it, I take it. I like your CAD drawings - a few mods, but very much what I had in mind. What are you thinking about in terms of scale? S.
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    OT: Border Towns

    I can't get the link to work, matterjom. Some of the civilian toll is starting to appear in the general U.S. media. It may not be what we want to see and hear, but it's a good thing. It is informative to note the differences in how the subject of civilian casualties is covered. The Arab...
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    OT: Border Towns

    Did I say anything about the U.S. troops? What I object to is the fact that we in the U.S. are only being shown one side of the story. All of those impressive explosions carry a human cost. But, either by accident or design, only the "positive" aspects of this war appear on our T.V.s. I...
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    OT: Border Towns

    What we're not seeing on our TV channels are the civilian casualties. There have been civilians killed and wounded. I don't know the numbers, but you have to watch the BBC or other non-U.S. based channels to see them. So, we're shown a guy dancing, but we aren't shown the 11 year-old...
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    Khukvention Attendees...

    I was hoping to make it. When I started planning it about a month back, my wife "reminded" me that it was Nowrooz, one of those "family first" times for Iranians. Next time. S.
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    Happy new Persian year

    Nowrooz mobarak. S. PS. The Kurds celebrate Nowrooz, too.
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    OT: Up the creek without a paddle

    Sarge: The Turks were some of the first to offer help in the fight against the Taliban. IIRC, they offered their airbases before NATO invoked Article 5. Also, IIRC, Turkish special forces were involved in the Uzbek areas of Afghanistan. They aren't with the U.S. on this. It's not what...
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    I've tried V-05, but it hasn't kept several of my horn handles from cracking this winter. Most of my horn handles have cracked over the last month or so. I think part of the issue may be that the house we moved into has gas heat. It seems to dry out things in a way that the radiators in the...
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    Boycott France

    This has occurred to me too, and I'm hoping it's the case. S.
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    lemon juice etching

    Thanks much for the additional info, Fed, ddean, sweet and Ferrous. Sweet, those pics are gorgeous. I've been able to get an even etch on other, production carbon blades (primarily kitchen knives). My guess is that it is due to differences in the finish, as Fed says. I'm not disappointed...
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    OT: faster web-browser coming soon.. from the Green Isle

    Just like Bill Gates. S.
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