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  1. wayne018

    Collection sell off 43 knives Price reduction...more later

    I'll take 3 & 5. -- Will follow up with PM soon, just need to clear my inbox a little.
  2. wayne018

    FS: Bestech $40

    Funds sent for Snafu. Please see email re: shipping address. Thanks!
  3. wayne018

    FS: Bestech $40

    I'll take the Snafu. Per DM from last night, just waiting for PP info.
  4. wayne018


    wow, keen eye there @Timofey ! --- I just checked my 0630CF and both of your comments are true. The text is more vertical on the original. And the tanto grind on the original swells out slightly more than this one.
  5. wayne018

    Price Drop: Nova Blades American Mule Prototype

    Payment sent. Post for future feedback. So far transaction has been great.
  6. wayne018

    SOLD Boos Blades Aero Mini (Price drop) SOLD

    re: misfires. Have you tried cleaning it really well? And/or has that been an issue with this specific knife since the beginning?
  7. wayne018

    Ti-Lock [SOLD]

    I'll take it. (will clear some space in my inbox and then DM shortly)
  8. wayne018

    ZT 0888 ZT 0999

    What is the serial number on the 0888?
  9. wayne018

    Whitetail and larger hunters - what is your hunting knife set up?

    @MrsterZ, who is the maker on the two blades you're showing in your photo?
  10. wayne018

    Cheburkov Strizh SOLD

    Bummed to miss this one. Let me know if you need seconds. :-)
  11. wayne018


    safe to assume no clip included?
  12. wayne018

    FS Large Sebenza 21 Snakewood inlay

    description says pics (plural) but I only see one. Not sure if you meant to include a link or plan to post more photos? Would like to see the clip side and lock up.
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