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  1. jay2pointoh

    Cold Steel products YOU want to see?

    Better yet. A folding karambit with the tri ad lock, G10 and thumb plate from the ak47.
  2. jay2pointoh

    Cold Steel products YOU want to see?

    Screw on arrow heads with designs from around the ancient world.
  3. jay2pointoh

    Will Microtech make?

    I would absolutely buy a Socom delta mini. Maybe a flatter handle since it's for light carry. And PLEASE find a way to make flat proprietary hardware.
  4. jay2pointoh

    What is your most comfortable carry?

    My Benchmade Barrage 581 is smooth in, smooth out, easy open, easy close, fills my palm perfectly, and cuts like a razor. Haven't stopped carrying it for three years.
  5. jay2pointoh

    The crap non-knife people say

    I get told daily about how I would get arrested if the cops ever stopped me. I carry a BM 581 in Jersey. Sheep: You know the cops will take you to jail if they find that. Me: Really, why? Sheep: Look right here, it's longer than the width of my hand. Me: If the cops ever stop and search me...
  6. jay2pointoh

    Other knife brands at SHOT Show 2014.

    Kershaw/ZT and Benchmade pretty much stole the thunder as far as knives go. I'm a little disappointed not to see much from the other manufacturers. Where was Spyderco, Cold Steel, and Leatherman? Maybe Bladeshow is what I need.
  7. jay2pointoh

    The Official ZT0562 Thread!! (FIRST LOOK)

    I didn't like those either. The only Hinderer design I liked was the 550. Maybe the design has to grow on me. I'll give it time.
  8. jay2pointoh

    Upcoming crkts

    I love Crkt. I just wish they would give us tip up clips and a slightly better steel.
  9. jay2pointoh

    The Official ZT0562 Thread!! (FIRST LOOK)

    I dunno. I'm just not feeling it for some reason. It's the design. I don't know what, but I'm not jumping for joy on this.
  10. jay2pointoh

    First Look!! ZT & Emerson Collabs - Made in USA, Feared around the world!!!

    I am absolutely getting this even if it's the only purchase of the year.
  11. jay2pointoh

    Pictures of Orange Knives

    Pimpededed Spyderco Manix 2
  12. jay2pointoh

    I just thought this was funny.

    The Evicerator in 440 and premium stag.
  13. jay2pointoh

    Has anyone already thought of using a 3D-printer to make fancy knives? Not only has it been done, it is actually more cost effective. Less waste, less shipping costs, less time to manufacture, less maintenance. If guns and jet engine parts can be made, I think something as relatively rudimentary as a...
  14. jay2pointoh

    3-D Printing a Knife? Is it the beginning of the end of custom knives?

    I can definitely see Spyderco, Benchmade, Kershaw, Microtech having 3D printed materials in their products in a few years. The process will be cheaper as time passes. It will save materials and costs. And 3D/laser printing is actually more precise than CNC or plasma/laser cutting. Will it...
  15. jay2pointoh

    Thin, narrow, lightwieght, 3"-3.5", edc knife

    Crkt summa. Great edc.
  16. jay2pointoh

    EDC III Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Microtech Socom Delta CPM-D2 and aluminum
  17. jay2pointoh

    Your favorite knife designer!

    In terms of both look and feel, I would have to go with Ken Onion, Mike Snody, and Jason Brous.
  18. jay2pointoh

    Your favorite knife designer!

    List em! Who are your favorite knife designers? Custom or from a manufacturer. Doesn't matter. Pics are welcome.
  19. jay2pointoh

    EDC II Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    I'm jealous. My HK is just stock. I need some pimpage. BTW I hate that there is no name for this blade. I just call it "The Snody."
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