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  1. DIblade

    (SOLD) Mint condition - BS19 Gavko Timascus Snow Mager

    Hi quarantiners, I'm looking for SOLD PP G&S for this mint condition timascus snow mager within CONUS. you should have no issues viewing this imgur link, but DM me for additional pics if needed. Please comment or DM me if you'd like this piece. Thanks!
  2. DIblade

    BS2019 Gavko Timascus Snow Mager

    Hi All, looking for $1450 PP G&S TYD for this mint condition timascus snow mager within CONUS. Please comment In and DM me for additional questions. Thanks!
  3. DIblade

    SOLD - 3” Shamwari on Washers - August 2019 Drop

    Happy Black Friday all. I have up for grabs a BNIB sham on washers. As mint as it gets, never carried never cut. Asking *SOLD* G&S shipped OBRO. Please comment below if you would like to take it or DM me. thank you
  4. DIblade

    Michael Raymond Estrella and Abraxxas

    Interested in taking per sent PM / email!
  5. DIblade

    Dalibor Bergam Full Mokuti Mars

    Wow it looks massive! Any chance you can provide the specs / measurements?
  6. DIblade

    [SOLD]Gavko "Snow" Leopard

    hi there! is this the one from the recent auction?
  7. DIblade

    Insane high end sale! Don’t miss out

    hi there PM sent. will take scout pending details in PM :)
  8. DIblade

    Eutsler sold; Ochs withdrawn

    Interested in Persian ! Will dm
  9. DIblade


    thank you! still keeping this top of radar, but can't pull trigger yet.
  10. DIblade


    Hi there is this still available?
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