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    Announcing the NEW 407 Vallation!

    thats next knife material for sure.
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    Let's See Those BG FBM's

    First Busse for me. :D Hammered Silver with black canvas handle.
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    Sal, THANK YOU for the Military !

    I always thought the Military was too big but I have slowly gravitated towards larger knives because I am not as prone to lose them. When I saw all the pics of the new Knifeworks exclusive I had to pull the trigger and I can't believe how nice it is. It is definitely NOT too big and I love...
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    FYI: Knifeworks accepting pre-orders for S90V Manix XL Tuesday....

    I received my S90V Manix XL and it's perfect just like my PM2 in S90V. I also have a regular Manix 2 XL from the early batches without skeletonized liners and I was surprised I could feel the difference in weight in comparison. Thanks Knifeworks and Spyderco. :love_heart:
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    Manix 2 ball lock buttons

    I got a lot of Manix 2s and I've never had this problem. I've always thought they were really slick and elegant in use.
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    Spyderco manix 2xl questons

    I thought my ZT0560 was lighter than my Manix 2 XL (full liners) until I weighed them and found out they were both exactly 5.93 ounces. Funny how that is.
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    any knives like the ZT0560 with a solid frame?

    Just throw some lead in the hollowed out portions.
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    ZT 0301 or ZT 0561? Your preferences and why.

    I only recently got a 0560 so I can't say if I like it better or not yet, because I haven't had to sharpen it, but I really feel spoiled when going from a non-assisted knife to an assisted knife. The 0560 still has some spring when it opens due to the strong detent.
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    Think I have decided to get an Edgepro Apex

    I enjoy mine and think its worth every penny but it isn't the only sharpener I use. Something I would like to look into eventually are the stones from Congress Tools that are relatively inexpensive and sharpen a fair bit faster than stock stones. I have more expensive stones and a diamond...
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    Warning - Don't look at this if you think you're good at sharpening

    I got a BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Folding Magnifier from Amazon that I love using.
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    its not you...its me...

    The 0560 was lighter than I thought it would be but it still felt substantial and fit nicely in my hands. I am used to using a 0300, 0200 and a G10 Tyrade alot and they all feel a bit heavier. It is interesting hearing the complaint that a knife is too light when so many people complained...
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    For me, it was the Leek. How did you get turned on to Kershaw?

    G10 Tyrade. I still love this knife the most, I wish it was made again, really bad.
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    weird noise coming from ZT 0560 *Normal for this model*

    Kinda does derail cuz I'd like to know the details of that knife store and how KAI couldn't make it right. I don't know who the rep in question is and I don't really know Thomas, but from what I have seen on the forums he is pretty blunt and some people can't deal with that. I have seen many...
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    weird noise coming from ZT 0560 *Normal for this model*

    I can't get my 560 to rattle. I don't think they all rattle unless mine is defective.
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    Going from a 0300 to a 0560 - Any opinions / Input?

    I doubt I will ever be able to test the toughness of of my 300 let alone the 560 but that being said the 560 is probably a little easier to carry because its lighter and more slender, albeit longer. The 560 should be a fair bit easier to sharpen because its not recurved also. I don't know from...
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    weird noise coming from ZT 0560 *Normal for this model*

    I understand you want the manufacturer to handle it but I bet it would have been handled faster if you dealt with the place you bought it from. If I buy a TV and in the first few days of owning it something happens I am going back to the store I bought it from instead of waiting for the...
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    weird noise coming from ZT 0560 *Normal for this model*

    When I have had problems with fit or finish of an item I usually was able to return it for replacement from the place I bought it from. Was there a reason you couldn't return it?
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    Zt 0200

    I think its one of the coolest looking knives there is. As for ergonomics I think I like the Kershaw Tyrade the most followed by the ZT0300, but this is just a personal opinion of someone with wide palms. The 0200 is a big knife that you'll definitely know is in your pocket. The decent...
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    CF / S90V PM-2 - is it worth current prices?

    This is really subjective. I probably would have paid up to $250 for mine. Of course people are paying a bit more than that and I was lucky enough to pre-order one and pay less. For instance, I'd love to have a Manix in S90V but I'd never pay over $300 for one which really means I'll never...
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