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    battle shades

    do you plan on making these in a safety glasses option?
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    what cold steel do you carry?

    mini recon 1 tanto
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    Cold Steel Recon 1 : The knife that saved my life

    I won pitbulls and my dogs would never do that. its all in how dogs are managed. my dogs are rescues have very bad past. but they are great dogs and for anyone that's got a problem with pitbulls... well you know where to shove it. glad you are ok sounds like a horrible experience. but not all...
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    if you had $150...

    zt0777 or zt0566 or spyderco paramilitary. those would be my choices.
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    Cold Steel products YOU want to see?

    deep carry pocket clips. or atleast option to order one.
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    Fun with electricity

    those are pretty cool I like the red one
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    Traditional and Modern pairings

    you got good taste!
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    420HC - Thoughts?

    and to think I read this whole thread and my head is spinning with opinion, more knowledge on steels, and whatever else. maybe I can sleep easier since you all wore me out!
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    Poor Man's NWs Fremont Jack?

    I really like this knife as well. i'd say save up for it if you can and don't settle. otherwise you'll end up with some cheaper knives and not the actual specific knife you want.
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    Code 4 clip point...

    I have one with the serrations and unfortunately I have a damaged serration. I retired the knife was thinking of getting another one though.
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    Titanium Spectra Spool and Toothpick Giveaway

    I'm in. it all looks good
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    G10 Harpy?

    I have one bought from a surplus store that bought it from a estate sale. only carried it a few times.
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    What to get at Bass Pro with a $25 gift card

    hat, shirt, socks, box of ammo
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    This is happening

    good enough for Jason Voorhees good enough for me!
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    What watch do you wear?

    I have the same watch and love it
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    Kitchen Ultility

    when I get the extra cash for another knive. I want to get a couple.
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    Gearheads Unite: What do you drive or ride?

    I always liked the square body look of these trucks lots of personality and character, if it was a newer truck that extra you just spend in repairs would be atleast doubled or more. its payed off no payments, lower insurance. doesn't seem so bad to me.
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    This guy really bugs me

    I buy spyderco's on ebay but from good sellers that have been around and sell other brands as well. not everything on ebay is fake just gotta buy from good sellers with good reputations
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    new knives lacking serrations, changing market place: or am I a dinosaur?

    i have a tenacious with full spyderedge and love it. i also have a harpy with one as well. my delica is just a combo edge, oh ya my uk pk with the sheepsfoot blade also has a full spyderedge as well. i really enjoy these knives. would be nice if more spyderco's would be offered with a combo...
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    ZT Emerson tanto model to come out... what ya think?

    I got a Kershaw Emerson for my birthday which is a pretty cool knife so I imagine the ZT version would be even nicer. I would like one.
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