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    Name that axe

    Almost looks like a helko is there anything stamped under the poll?
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    unidentified half hatchet

    The malleable cast iron hatchet is interesting. Malleable iron is white cast iron that has been processed to give it mechanical properties that are similar to mild steel. Malleable cast can flex to an extent and sustain impacts with out cracking. By case hardening it the surface can be made hard...
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    unidentified half hatchet

    Cast steel, also referred to as crucible steel was a refined version of "blister steel" that was made in ceramic cruciables. It dates back to the early 1800's. cast steel was used in the manufacture of springs, razors, cutting tools, and impact tools. It was often used as the insert in axe bits...
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    What the heck is this?

    A homemade turpentine axe?
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    Fiskars New 8 lb. Splitting Maul

    I honestly can't wait to try one. The x27 is very efficient and durable. I have tried axes from maine wedge patterns, flat head fire axes, double bits with a wrist twist, Daytons, Michigan, rafting, ranging from 3 to 6 lbs. For me on my wood up to 20" diameter, and 18" long the x27 does 99% of...
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    Ax with a shallow pointed bit?

    I think a point would make it want to glance off more if you did not hit directly on it when cutting smaller trees. It may also make poping chips out harder due to the fact that the bottom on the cut would be at an irregular depth.
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    Porcupine-killed beech vs. Rinaldi "Cadore" axe.

    Dry beach is tough wood, looks like that axe did a great job.
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    It followed me home (Part 2)

    Gransfors brucks with the gab stamp
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    Vintage USA Axe or Fiskars X27 Axe

    I honestly have a good amount of vintage steel. And when it comes to felling, bucking, limbing, they are top notch. For splitting wood getting the job done, and getting it done with the lightest tool and most efficiency is important to me. Fiskars may not be pretty but they work well. Mine has...
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    Vintage USA Axe or Fiskars X27 Axe

    I guess it depends if it is going to be a dedicated splitter or not. For an ax that will be only used as a splitter the x27 is hard to beat. I split 6 - 10 cords of wood each year. My rounds are 18-20" long and up to 20-22" diameter. The x27 is my go too ax and it splits almost as good as my...
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    Which 3 axes would you keep from your collection?

    I would keep my Rixford cruiser, my trojan boys axe, and my 3.5 lb mountaineer maine wedge pattern.
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    Old Snow & Nealley Co. LL Bean 3 1/2Lb Single Bit Axe

    Yeah that is definitely a early 90's at the latest axe, probably earlier. And it is definitely usa made. Joe
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    Today's Haul.

    The hatchet may be a plumb scout hatchet.
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    Council's changed the look of velvicut axes

    To me they look half finished. Probably saves a few bucks and some time.
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    Straghtening an axe head's alignment to handle (Council Hudson Bay Axe)?

    My council tool hudson bay was way out of wack too when I received it. I drilled a small pilot hole in the center of the aluminum wedge and sunk a 5/16" self tapping screw in to the wedge. After I first clamped the handle in to a vice I used a pry bar to remove the wedge. I reshaped the handle...
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    NEW MEMBER - Need help to smooth out restored axe surface!!

    A flap disc on an angle grinder should work. I would start with a 36 grit as a starting point and work to finer grits.
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    Woodings Verona - very hard

    I have a few woodings veronas and they are all extremely hard. Joe
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    Trapper/General outdoorsman needs axe/hatchet

    I hunt and trap in New Hampshire, durring the winter months I trap beaver through the ice, fisher cat with standing pole sets, and coon. For beaver and fisher cat I almost always use a 2.5 lb single bit axe on a 24 - 30 inch handle. It helps because I often need to chop holes in 5 - 10 inches...
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    ID Old Double Bit Axe Head

    a company named woodings Verona used a mark close to that. I have axes they made marked as US95, US96, and a few other numbers. Joe
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