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    SOLD - Kershaw Link 20CV and (sold) Bareknuckle: Both USA-made LNIB

    I'll claim the Bareknuckle if it's still available. E-mail is magendavid14 at gmail.
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    Review Baryonyx Manticore - Initial Impressions

    What's your stone/grit progression when you start with a Manticore?
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    Replying that I've bought it so I can leave positive feedback about the seller.
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    Strange Cold Steel spotting

    Am I the first person to find a Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri in Modern Family? In season 4, episode 6, a beauty pageant displays 3, implicitly with the intent to juggle them as a pageantry talent. Also, should I be more confused that Cold Steel is in a sitcom or that someone wants to juggle kukris?
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    Benchmade Benchmade 943BK & AFCK For Sale

    If the 943 is by chance still available, email me at magendavid14 at gmail.
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    Buck, Himalayan Imports, Western [PRICE DROPS]

    I don't see an option to e-mail you, but I'm interested in the Cherokee Rose bowie. Can you email me at magendavid14 (at) gmail (dot) com?
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    Possible old Cold Steel sighting

    Speaking objectively, this movie is just awful. I'm not totally convinced that Hulk Hogan had a script or knew he was in a movie. Speaking subjectively, this movie takes me back to when I was a kid. The world was big, I didn't notice plot holes, and anything seemed possible. I still enjoy...
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    Possible old Cold Steel sighting

    For reasons that remain as yet unclear to me, I found myself recently compelled to watch Suburban Commando. Most of you might not remember this magnum opus of an explanation as to why Hulk Hogan never made a successful transition into Hollywood, but it nevertheless it was there for the watching...
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    Traditional Sharpening Services

    I think Jason has been my go-to guy since early 2010 for knives that prove too much for me. He's never failed to bring out the best in a knife. Usually when I send him an EDC to sharpen, it suddenly keeps a good working edge far longer than it used to while being oddly easier to maintain. I was...
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    Extended Tool Kits.

    I've contemplated the idea of a slight modernization of the khukuri kit, like replacing the karda with a SAK or Leatherman, and possibly adding a small stone. Has anyone tried this sort of concept?
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    How does everyone sharpen their swords

    Here's the whole video.
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    How does everyone sharpen their swords

    In the Nova about Ulfberht swords, John Clements from the ARMA uses a blunt bastard sword for tameshigiri. I can't say I'd willingly weather the blow.
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    Kukri Knives

    I felt fairly certain that I qualified it as my personal, and by extension subjective, definition. Usually, the question of "Is this a khukuri?" rises in the context of knives with a forward curve and a single cutting edge, so I've never felt compelled to rule out machetes, bolos, parangs...
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    Gurkhas battle use of kukri quotes!

    It sounds like your time training with Gyi left you pretty jaded about him as a martial artist and teacher.
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    Kukri Knives

    Who are the people you meet who confuse a bolo with a khukuri?
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    Kukri Knives

    I won't be the first to say that the definition varies, but I define a true khukuri by the presence of a cho. It has a couple names, but I'd describe it as something shaped like a number 3 near the base that separates the cutting edge from the ricasso. Anyone who tells you what it means is...
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    Gurkhas battle use of kukri quotes!

    According to my brother, this is why Scientology has such fanatical followers. Okay, now I'm done hijacking the thread with non-Gurkha talk.
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    Arkansas Wet Stone - Hard or soft?

    I'd been considering one of those Hard/Soft Arkansas benchstones myself, as an intermediate step between a Norton fine India and balsa loaded with 1 micron boron carbide. Lately I've mostly been sharpening what amounts to 5Cr15MoV and 12C27. Would my edges benefit from the extra step? I ask in...
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    Gurkhas battle use of kukri quotes!

    The truth and reliability of Gyi's claims is a sensitive topic within the organization he founded, to say the least. It's a shame, too, since his skills as a martial artist are beyond impressive. I'd be so lucky to know what he's forgotten about the khukuri as a fighting knife.
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    Levels of sharpness? Sharpness tests?

    In what way(s) to you use your fingers to measure sharpness? What sorts of things are you feeling for?
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