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    Off Topic Do you carry a back-up knife with you ?.

    The way I see it, is One is Fun & Done, & Two is Too !! Three is Glee, maybe a 'Z' or 'We' Four is more Five's more Knives Six for kicks, Add some Vics...
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    Off Topic Do you carry a back-up knife with you ?.

    -And more cowbell, no doubt too ! :D -That just sounds like 'Crazy Farmer' talk, Lol ...Kidding, ofcourse. -Nice set-up :thumbsup::thumbsup: B.T.B. :cool:
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    Waiting for a new knife to be delivered makes me feel like a kid

    ~ Sounds like a Real 'Grand Slam' Lol:D I think we all know that 'Chomping at the Bit' feeling of the New Knife wait... Apparently, I needed a Natrix that's on route ! Cheers:thumbsup: Have a good day! B.T.B. :cool:
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    A fixed blade you probably don't have

    No, but it does say Tactical Knife, so it must be true:rolleyes:
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    Unique knife...ever had one?

    ...Good call :thumbsup: ...Kershaw was obvious with the last pic. I'm thinking it's probly Ray Skin scale inserts, nice:thumbsup: B.T.B. :cool:
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    Superstition /Knives

    Well, since "Question from a superstitious knife guy" then it seems like you want to continue carrying it. So, why not ? ...Replace the clip, or do a 'no clip' deep pocket carry, as mentioned... -Or- a 'no clip' deep pocket Lanyard carry option.
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    Early Valentine’s Day present.

    ...She's a keeper, (Both :D) :thumbsup::thumbsup: Now, what to get the wife... B.T.B. :cool:
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    Got the Spydie bug, not sure what to do

    ...As soon as I read your thread title, I thought why not put it on your keychain, Lol :D Anyway, I can't really comment on the Yojim, or jumbos, and the Military suggestion for liking the PM2, but wanting longer makes perfect sense. I would really like to get a Canis in hand personally, but...
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    Stylish can openers.

    So, does a blade pop out when you throw the switch ?! Lol :D
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    Wicked Piece...I Likey :cool:
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    Spyderco - VG10

    I'm assuming your not referring to the older S.S. handled & the micarta scaled ones in AUS-8 steel. I believe they went to VG-10 with the FRN scaled options. Spydies :thumbsup::thumbsup: B.T.B. :cool:
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    The Cold Steel Voyager in AUS10 steel is THE BEST knife you can buy for the money...

    ...I like that phrase Cold Steel Voyager, with a slightly blingy blade thanks to Mother's Mag Wheel polish and a Q-tip. ...Wow, I can almost see my reflection, Nice :thumbsup: B.T.B. :cool:
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    Interesting Knife Uses

    I've done a fair amount of what's been mentioned, already, sans the coconut improved method, Lol :D & No Copenhagen for me, but knew some cowboys that partook... I also would avoid using my knife on door handle ice, but that's just me. I'm sure it's been done, but if making a single, or more...
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    The Cold Steel Voyager in AUS10 steel is THE BEST knife you can buy for the money...

    -I like Cold Steel knives, as well... Sounds like a nice option :thumbsup: B.T.B. :cool:
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    The Cold Steel Voyager in AUS10 steel is THE BEST knife you can buy for the money...

    Lol :D -Someone once said, "One can never have too many knives, because there is always one knife that is better than another for a particular task." B.T.B. :cool:
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    Double recessed pocket clips !

    ...Not a fan of that blade style, & the extended point of the front flipper. With that, the 'hole' open is partially hidden from thumb indexing. Colors' nice, though. B.T.B.
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    Double recessed pocket clips !

    ...Well, Lefties will likely appreciate it, 'They' should show 'pocketability' however. B.T.B -A friend of mine insisted on adding the other pocket clip that came with a new folder that I gifted him. -I questioned it, and his point was to add carry options.
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    Spyderco Quality Control Declining?

    ...Too much of a 'Stretch' , I get it, Lol :D B.T.B. :cool:
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    Spyderco Quality Control Declining?

    -I agree, but I still like many other Spyders, as well. (Added Info.) -'Not only do they make knives under their own name, but have made knives for Al Mar, Spyderco, SOG, Fällkniven, and William Henry to name a few.' - 'Moki has been producing quality knives of original design and phenomenal...
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