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    looking for professional sharpening services.

    I can possibly help you but I'm in the Gatineau me should you want to work something out. -Pierre
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    My 626th-Post etc. etc. GIVEAWAY! WINNERS ANNOUNCED - POST #44!!

    Thanks for the chance and congrats to the winners! -Pierre
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    Zt 0450(sold), HDS Rotary 200(Sold)

    Take your time; mine's not going anywhere anytime soon. Cheers!
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    Zt 0450(sold), HDS Rotary 200(Sold)

    ...but of course :) Here's 4 for the price of one: Part of the Ethnic series; based on the traditional Spanish Navaja. Carbon fiber, S30V. From Spyderco: Unique to the Navaja is the Carraca or ratcheting sound it produces when the blade opens and closes. Carraca ratcheting...
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    Zt 0450(sold), HDS Rotary 200(Sold)

    Spyderco Navaja as a trade for the 0450?
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    Maxpedition Micro Wallet for trade

    Interested; I've got some extra SAKs I'd trade. Located in Canada. Email me if your interested!
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    WTB - Para 2 Sprint Runs

    email sent.
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    Lansky Kit suggestions

    I can speak only for my own experience. I have very good results using a back-and-forth motion for most of the sharpening session. As I move up the grit ladder, I ease on the pressure up to the point where the stone is just touching the edge, and stoke only upward for the final lick of the...
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    opinions and help needed

    Dan is right; I don't think 1/8" gives you enough margin for corby bolts.
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    opinions and help needed

    I like the knife; it should appeal to lots of people. Would *I* buy one? no, but this is strickly based on personal preferences... For a knife this size, I don't like a thumb ramp, nor aggressive jimping. I makes using the knife without glove uncomfortable quite fast. Also, I don't like...
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    Carrying a spyderco tenacious in Canada

    It's your call,'re not doing anything illegal. As for me, I regularly carry a Spyderco Military, Benchmade 806, or Emerson CQC10 in an office environment...I'm very discreet about it.
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    My first knife

    Kick-ass knife Jean-David! 58.5 semble être un excellent compromis pour un outil de survie! Welcome to BladeForums!
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    Ulize "microbevel" degree question

    Nope; that's considered the edge. You're not supposed to see a true microbevel. The "size" of your edge (how futher up it goes) is determined by the angle of the edge, and the thickness of the blade at the end of the main bevel. Hope it makes sense?
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    What's your favorite Millie

    Knifeworks CPM-M4 G-10/Ti.
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    Talk to me about can openers.

    I don't know for others, but I can open a can pretty quick with a SAK :)
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    Talk to me about can openers.

    I'm using the can opener tool on a Swiss Army Knife (Rucksack) in the kitchen. Must have opened a few hundreds cans with it and it still looks like new.
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    Buying Knives In Toronto

    S&R Knives are great.
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