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    Spyderco Techno and Spyderco Chubby..are they worth it?

    Oh ok, in that case it depends on what you need as your EDC. PM2 has longer blade so if you need a longer reach if works better although from my EDC experience 95% of the time I never used the whole 3.5 inch. It is also better as a self defense knife compared to the other two. Chubby has...
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    Spyderco Techno and Spyderco Chubby..are they worth it?

    I have both knives. You pay more for the following. 1. Titanium frame lock. 2. Thicker premium steel. 3. Limited runs. 4. Top maker's design. I also have a PM2 green with CTS-204p and that isn't cheap due to limited quantity. If you want to compare these 3 knives, and you are fine paying...
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    TNK Inquiry ???

    Maybe, as we are all human we do tend to have sucky days. Neil is not a maker, he facilitate us to buy knives from some makers who are not taking more orders. Many people do get confused and write complaint emails or calls to him when they receive a knife with maker's fault. Easiest thing is...
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    TNK Inquiry ???

    I don't post much here, but Neil is good in my book.
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    Brian Nadeau Knives inbound

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    Why or what do you like about the Emerson knife, or knives you own?

    Many styles, many sizes and all work great. Great guy Ernie is.
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    Lockup, early and late

    When the titanium lock face rubs the steel blade tang over and over, the lock will eventually move closer to the other scale. But the process is very long, sometimes takes many years. All depends on how hard you use the knife.
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    Bamboo Cable

    Excellent work!
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    What Did You Use Your Sebenza For Today ???

    Now that's hot.
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    Are Shirogorov knives mid-techs?

    I spoke with them at the Blade Show. They have 3 levels of knives. Mid-techs, Custom Divisions, and Full Customs. Mid-techs has not marks, Custom Division has marks, and Full customs signs Sergey.
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    Toughest knife steel commonly available

    M4 has always been one of my favorites. Very high wear resistant and above average toughness. Won't rust as easy as 3v.
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    True North Knives?

    Great service, and professionalism. One of the best dealer around if not the number 1. I say with personal experience. Neil's overnight shipping is $28.00 which is very reasonable for overnight. They also offer $18.00 3 day shipping which they typically upgrade to next day. Not to mention...
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    Reese weiland XL custom d/a karambit

    I will take it if it is still available. Thanks!
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    Kya............... An review

    Jeepdud's way of handling this situation is not how I would handle it. As most people I'd probably take my refund and never do business again with the seller. What I am trying to say is Jeepdud did what he thinks is right, and handled the matter his way. We can't say he did wrong nor right...
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    Kya............... An review

    So I sell you an used knife lying to you that it is new. You find out, but I am still twisting the words New In Box. You made it public, then I offered the refund but not including the shipping charge. You will say yes to that? XM-18 New straight from Rick is about $400, I paid $500 for mine...
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    Kya............... An review

    I think I am going to leave it be too... My weird point is. -A sells B a knife stating it is new. -B finds it used and sent it to the maker to make sure. -Meanwhile B holds A's money incase A doesn't want to pay the expense. -Maker says it is used. (So do you still think it is ok for me to sell...
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    Kya............... An review

    Not logical, So he wants to steal the knife by sending it to Rick? If it is used then Kya broke the rules of lying (I hope there is such a rule in the rules page) And I don't think you would say he is suffering then.
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