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  1. TrainedBullets

    Active EDC Knife?

    Before injury and the doctor told me I had to switch to low impact, I ran 30-40 miles a week (trail running to be specific) with a CRK small Sebenza. I found it light enough to not bounce around and the clip was strong enough that it stayed secure. Anything heavier got annoying. I did it for...
  2. TrainedBullets

    Most versatile/well-rounded knife you have

    Without question, my most versatile knife is the Fiddleback Forge Monarch. It’s the biggest fixed blade I can easily carry almost everywhere with a basic sheath. Blade length (3.75”) is enough for almost any task I’d use it for, EDC or in the woods. 2A568094-BBE1-4D0E-826F-19437437CB63 by...
  3. TrainedBullets

    Thoughts on dual purpose EDC/defensive blades

    I do not carry a knife for defensive purposes. When not in the backcountry, I typically carry a small fixed blade (<2.75”) for general usage, and a small traditional folder as a back-up for those times when an extremely sharp/thin blade is a better option. It works for me.
  4. TrainedBullets

    What knives do you own in the $150-300 range that you feel are worth every penny?

    The only ones I have in the $150 - $300 range and worth every penny are my Fiddleback Forge Esquires and Fiddleback EDK. This is my most frequently carried of the three:
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    Fiddleback Forge Esquire
  6. TrainedBullets


    I do this too for knives I love, mostly to have a back-up in case of loss. So far, the few I have are: Fiddleback Forge Esquire, CRK Small Sebenza, GEC 62 and 29. I could see a second Fiddleback Forge Sneaky Pete and Monarch, though these are not easy finds.
  7. TrainedBullets

    Best fixed blade for EDC?

    I’m also very fond of horizontal carry, and carry the same way @horseright does.
  8. TrainedBullets

    Best fixed blade for EDC?

    I’ll second the Fiddleback Forge Monarch. It’s as big as I would be willing to EDC. Crazy comfortable and shockingly easy to conceal. I’ll also nominate its smaller brother, the Esquire. It has been my most carried knife over the past year.
  9. TrainedBullets

    Fiddleback Forge Changes April 2021

    I’m sure this was a very tough decision, but I’m also sure you made the right call. No time off and working through chronic pain is simply not sustainable. If you had stayed on that path, bad things were bound to happen.
  10. TrainedBullets

    Pairing GB chat....

    No problem at all! I hope everything is, or at least will be, OK.
  11. TrainedBullets

    Pairing GB chat....

    I’m in! 3/32 CPM 154 - textured, Black Micarta, Black liners, Blue pinstripes please. Thanks for adding a stainless option and doing this!
  12. TrainedBullets

    Review The Monarch: Beautiful Little Brute

    Nice review! I agree with all of the points made so far, especially those about torque control and being a compact powerhouse. The handle is a perfect length for me and I appreciate the extra purchase I get with the taller design (vs say my bushraptor). It’s a hell of a slicer at 1/8” stock...
  13. TrainedBullets

    Off Topic Do you carry a back-up knife with you ?.

    Kind if. For EDC, I typically carry a small fixed blade and small folder.
  14. TrainedBullets

    Best Fiddleback for EDC?

    I certainly haven’t tried them all, but so far, it’s the Esquire for me. I give it a slight nod over the Runt for the slightly longer blade, but I can’t argue against the Runt. To be honest, I go back and forth on those two. The Runt’s three finger grip is a lot more secure than I thought it...
  15. TrainedBullets

    Rosewood handle finish help

    I’ve had good success using Howards Feed & Wax on my wood handled knives. Regardless of what you were told, never put a wood handled knife in the dishwasher. Immediately hand wash under running water (i.e. don’t let it soak in water) and dry. If carbon steel, wipe with oil (I used mineral)...
  16. TrainedBullets

    Urban EDC of Medium to Large Fixed Blade.

    My guess is the answer is around legal liability. I’ve had enough hand to hand combat training to feel like I could fight at least as well open handed with much less liability. As a rule, I stay out of high crime areas. If I feel a need to carry a weapon, it’s going to be a pistol.
  17. TrainedBullets

    And Then There Were Two

    I greatly prefer fixed these days, but always have a folder on me. My two folders would be: 1. My original CRK small Sebenza - Sentimentality. My son’s scout troop was anti-fixed blade. I carried this on every trip we went on together. Also every trip I went on with my daughter and her...
  18. TrainedBullets

    Any weaknesses of the conventional two-knife combo?

    Yes, weight. For all but winter backpacking, I have never needed more than a sharp, 4” long, 1/8” thick fixed blade. I always have one of those on me when I’m in the woods. For winter overnighters, I add a GB small forest axe, largely because it’s the one backcountry arena I actually plan on...
  19. TrainedBullets

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    @ Pokerface, If still available, I’ll take the Esquire. can you PM me the payment details? Thanks!
  20. TrainedBullets

    Benefits of "old timey" why do so many still carry and EDC?

    For me it’s about having a low threat option. Slip joints fill that bill perfectly. For stealth, speed, and strength a fixed blade cannot be beat. Modern folders are a compromise between the two. While they certainly have their place, I’m solidly in the fixed and slip-joint camp. If I have...
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