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    Shrade hat pin with no Knife???

    I see what you did there.
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    Using nice pocket knives as cuttlery in a pinch. Edge damage?

    Usually cut it in the air off the plate or cut it on top of other food on the plate or put a napkin on the plate and cut it on that. But don't cut on ceramic.
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    How important is the type of metal used on an EDC folder for the average Joe?

    Unless it's junk it is not important for the average Joe. And no, 440A, Tru-Sharp, 420HC, 4116 Krupp and friends don't count as junk!
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    Why don’t you like flippers?

    Typically if I can flip it, that means I could also do an inertia opening, and that means it's a "gravity knife".
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    The Tri-ad Lock Patent Expires in December [Wrong Info]

    The more Tri-Ads or any type of lockbacks, the better. My favorite lock type. Sick of the endless procession of frame and liner locks.
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    Worst 3 Steels - Never Buy!

    Heh. Very amusing. :D
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    Zero Tolerance Liner Lock Closures?

    I tried this with my Recon 1. Tapped it pretty hard but it didn't fail. :D
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    Why does Case get a pass on "surgical steel?"

    Because it's a non-issue when they offer CV.
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    Pocket Brick - Friend or foe?

    4", 3 oz. What's the point of overbuilt on a frame lock, anyways?
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    Ka-Bar Folding Dozier is Amazing

    Well, VG-10 isn't 3x better than AUS-8. I don't notice a massive jump between them. Higher-end steels are nice, but I'm usually perfectly happy with a decent AUS-8.
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    $3,495? Just trying to learn why

    If you are looking at price/performance ratio, don't buy that knife. Why do people pay so much more for a painting by an internationally recognized artist than an equally good work by a local nobody?
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    Benchmade New Benchmade 756 MPR $340 WTF?

    50% of the size, 100% of the weight...
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    Cold Steel 'Double Safe'?

    Cold Steel has shown a couple new knives with a new 'Double Safe' mechanism. It's a secondary lock which slides on or off. "Cold Steel had your fingers in mind when designing the Double Safe. Its state-of-the-art rocker lock features a secondary safety mechanism, that when engaged is enormously...
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    Why do I hate Cold Steel?

    I don't care about their advertisements. They make some great knives.
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    Case Mid-Folding Hunter with assisted opening

    Anyways I don't like assisted openers. The feature is unnecessary, sometimes annoying, in the case of a flipper it takes the fun out of it IMO and feels like a way to make the knife snap open without bothering about detent strength and pivot friction, and I feel like it's one more thing wear out...
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    Case Mid-Folding Hunter with assisted opening

    The price is also sub-par to GEC... Although when Rough Rider can produce knives with close or similar quality then there may be a problem.
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    Canadians that EDC a fixed blade?

    No fixed blade, only folding knives. Tight pivots. CBSA ruling is only how the CBSA interprets the law, it doesn't apply to the courts. If I can't flick it open I don't have to worry. You can always go with a Douk-Douk too.
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    What knives do you hope 2018 will bring?

    More lockbacks and backlocks and midlocks. Enough of these liner and frame lock designs!
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    Super steels, and do we really need them?

    As long as it has steel of reasonable quality, the design of the knife is what matters most, IMO.
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