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    INFI Ratweiler Sage+Black/Grn G10 $359

    Knife is new/unused. Includes USPS Priority shipping. Desert Sage, Grn/Black G10. US only, thanks. $359. SOLD
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    Brand Spankin' New INFI Ratweiler--$369(nice)

    Desert Sage, Grn/Black G10. US only, thanks. $369 (like schoolhouse rock!)
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    Photos CF Jackhammer10 and INFI Ratweiler--CHEEP!

    Seriously bird-like prices here... Both like new, shipped USPS Priority. No sheaths. Jackhammer 10, competition finish, green canvas micarta. $475 shipped. INFI Ratweiler, desert sage, black & green G10. $375 shipped.
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    Busse TGULB Competition Finish+Black G10

    US sales only, please. Price includes PayPal and shipping. Asking $519 (Shop price is $552+$15 shipping) This knife is unused. It has the standard CF machining marks, no deep scratches. Please feel free to ask questions, make offers, or request pictures.
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    Comp Finish Jackhammer 10 $475

    Like new/unused. Competition finish with green micarta scales. Ships USPS Priority Mail. US sales only.
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    INFI Ratweiler $375--$50+ under shop price

    INFI Ratweiler with Black & Green G10 with desert sage blade. New & unused. $375 shipped and PP'd. Shipped USPS Priority. Thanks for looking!
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    Forged RMJ Shrike $429

    US only. Price includes shipping and PayPal Includes original box, intact but far from pristine. From October 2015. Some sheath wear and sharpening, no edge damage that I can tell. Sharpened, but it was mostly to remove some edge discoloration. Sharpening stone intact. $429/sold
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    CF Jackhammer 10. CF TGULB. INFI Ratweiler.

    All knives are unused. US sales only, includes PayPal and shipping. If you buy more than one, take $20 off the price of each successive knife. I'm not really looking for trades. Jackhammer 10--Competition finish w/ green micarta. Minor machining marks, pictures are a pretty good...
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    Busse on Naked and Afraid XL?

    I'm pretty sure this is wrong. BWM didn't have the scallops on the top of the scales. Also, this is a fusion handle, you can see the point on the bottom end. Also, the BWM had a long, shallow clip shape, the spine on this knife is flat/straight until just before the tip.
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    Over run/scratch and dent Buy Brown sheaths for sale.

    David, Do you have any way to tell if the Ratweiler sheaths will fit the INFI version?
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    Busse on Naked and Afraid XL?

    I think it's a knockoff. The ricasso is too high, and the choil looks too small. I guess it might be the angle, but those don't look right.
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    It's Time To Make A Statement My Friends!!!!! . . .

    What do you guys suppose this means? P&L is usually profit & loss. These specs are they same as the HR2, so I don't think those are final. Pic seems to be a placeholder as well.
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    Competition Finish TGULB & INFI Ratweiler

    Competition Finish TGULB w/ Black G10 New/unused. Price includes shipping and PayPal. No sheath included. Photo Album: TGULB Competition Finish/Black G10--$537 INFI Ratweiler--Desert sage blade, Black & Green G10 scales. New/unused. No Sheath $427 Shipped...
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