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    Thank you SwissBianco
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    how many brands here we can call SAK?

    Only Victorinox ("Original Swiss Army Knife") and Wenger ("Genuine Swiss Army Knife") are considered to be "real" SAKs. There were a few manufacturers who supplied Swiss Army in the late 19th century, which should also be considered SAKs, but I doubt that is what you are asking about.
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    made in China?

    For over 100 the real Swiss Army knives have only been made in Switzerland. Today, they are still only made in Ibach and Delemont in Switzerland, not anywhere else. Many other brands have outsourced some or all of their production, but Victorinox is keeping it in house.
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    cadet/farmer comparison

    Farmer is about 1/3 inch longer (93mm vs. 84mm), but significantly thicker, both due to thicker tools and scales, as well as the addition of a wood saw. If you do not need a wood saw, the Pioneer would be the SAK for you.
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    Wenger vs Victorinox

    I don't see much of this ever happening, if at all - the "frames" of the "native" Victorinox and Wenger-originated series are very different, so I expect the current collection of implements (like backspring-powered scissors) to stay with their frames. For example, I would be shocked if...
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    Wenger Standard Issue

    Yes, SI has been discontinued, which means it will never be made again. Whatever you can find online is the leftover stock from 2013 and prior production.
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    summer lavender, burgundy, naranja orange plus serrations

    This is a question for Roger ("Mr. Swissbianco"). I am in Canada and will not be making a trip.
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    summer lavender, burgundy, naranja orange plus serrations

    Thank you for your order and kind words. Much appreciated!
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    Which model did I just lose today? XO

    It sounds like you had the original/first version of a Minichamp. It is no longer in production, replaced with the new Minichamp, which has a useful Phillips screwdriver/bottle opener, which successfully turns #1/#2 Phillips screws...
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    91mm Bushcrafter?

    Since there is no end-mounted awl on the 91mm frame, the closest you can get is the 91mm Lumberjack. There was a small run of them many years ago, but no plans to repeat it. You may want to consider carrying a cellidor Classic or Rambler for toothpick/tweezers, as well as scissors. You will then...
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    My Green Harvester

    The picture you stole is of a 84mm Micro-Farmer, which is even more special than the Harvester, as it's a Swiss Bianco exclusive model (in addition to the Swiss Bianco special scales colour) ;)
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    Wenger vs Victorinox

    I have not seen any discernible difference in either build or material quality between the two. I also have not heard any reports from others on any differences in edge holding ability or anything else.
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    Has this knife been made?

    It existed in cellidor, but not alox. 84mm scissors have been discontinued for a long time, so no chance of getting an 84mm alox model with scissors.
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    All of Swiss Bianco SAKs are assembled from new Victorinox parts. All of the alox SAKs (and the majority of cellidor SAKs, with the exception of some prototypes) are assembled at Victorinox factory in Ibach, Switzerland and carry a lifetime warranty against defects im materials and workmanship.
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    Old cross Pioneer

    On the issued Soldiers, the tool set is the same as Pioneer, but 1) the shield is different, 2) there is a year stamp on the tang, and 3) there is no key ring. At various times, there were "mules" produced, with 1 or 2 of the 3 Soldier's distinguishing features. There is a bit of a debate on...
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    Old cross Pioneer

    Pioneer and Woodsman models were also made with a bail.
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    OK I have to ask !

    The models that are in a regular production by Victorinox (silver Pioneers and Farmers, red and black Pioneers) retail for anywhere from $30-$50. Swiss Bianco special 100-piece runs have added costs, both in manufacturing (anodizing baths and small run assembly) and shipping/distribution. As a...
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    The Farmer is 93mm.
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    Cadet is 84mm.
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    Hunter is 111mm, completely different frame.
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