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  1. Edm1

    Spyderco Gayle Bradley 2

    SOLD I purchased this 3 years ago . It is in great shape, but has been carried. Locks up like a bank vault. I am selling because I have decided I like to carry smaller knives. And this one isnt getting used. It is a fantastic knife. The M4 steel is my favorite. I will sell for $145...
  2. Edm1

    A very nice surprise!

    Sweet. I used to collect Garand bayonets. I hope you have a M1 to hold it.
  3. Edm1

    Sold Small Sebenza 21 Plain

    SOLD i bought this in 2018.. birth date of June 2018. I removed the cord and it has been carried some..not a lot but some. Never sharpened since the factory. Still sharp. I probably opened some mail or something. I am selling it because I don't carry it and prefer to use the money for...
  4. Edm1

    Microtech UTX-85 S/E

    May be different for others, but for me a message gets to me fastest.
  5. Edm1

    Microtech UTX-85 S/E

    i bought this used off here a year or two ago. Sent it to Microtech to have it Sharpened and carried it a few times. I prefer a thinner blade, and don’t carry this so it’s up for sale. Has been used and has some cosmetic wear as shown in pictures. Comes with box. Price is $170 shipped. I...
  6. Edm1

    Fun trip: what do you choose?

    I can hunt anything from squirrels to deer with a flintlock. I just like them. Shotgun would be good too. I just like a BP rifle. Would suit my mood.
  7. Edm1

    Benchmade Sentinel

    I have one I bought in 97. At one of those knife stores in a mall. Remember those? Mine has been used. The black coating on the blade was scratched when some dummy tried to sharpen it with a stone. Not my favorite knife.
  8. Edm1

    Apology for G10 Thread on 6-20

    Now I gotta find the thread and read it, knowing that I dont have to be mad..
  9. Edm1

    Fun trip: what do you choose? would depend on the season. Turkey season I'd take a shotgun. Deer and small game often overlap. As long as there weren't people hunting me...I'd take a 50 call flintlock longrifle. I can hunt it all with that. Round balls of course.
  10. Edm1

    What did you use your SAK for today?

    My kids have those juice boxes..well I dont feel manly drinking them through the straw, so I used my SAK to slit the top off and pour it in a glass.
  11. Edm1

    Winner is abbydaddy, post #18. Old Big-mouth's I'm not dead yet (I feel like dancing) GAW

    That is a cool knife. Reminds me of what my dad used to carry hunting when I was little. I'm in. Thanks for the chance.
  12. Edm1

    How Did You Get Into Spydercos

    When I saw Cliffhanger, I discovered that I needed one..1993 maybe? Got it at a gun show. Full serrated delica. Still occasionally carry it.
  13. Edm1

    Why is everyone cutting so much cardboard?

    If I’m breaking down a box, I usually just cut tape. I cut cardboard when I’m building smaller boxes to ship stuff in, or make panels to fill the window next to the window AC unit, or helping my son with some project he dreams up, or other stuff like that.
  14. Edm1

    What are your go-to knife steels?

    S-35vn and M4 are my current go to.
  15. Edm1

    Read, Learn, Lust...(a GAW) - Winner Selected!

    I'm in...I think??? I dont watch TV either..unless it's the rare College Football game. And most of the time I'm backpacking during football season. I read a lot..and thanks to Kindle, I can read anywhere..
  16. Edm1

    Knives and Toilet Paper?

    And that plus more was bought months and on sale..
  17. Edm1

    Knives and Toilet Paper?

    You know why everyone is in drastic need of TP? Cause whenever someone coughs everyone close to them poops their pants....
  18. Edm1

    Mystery GAW/Challenge

    Cool idea. I'm in. I have a lot to choose from. After looking into it, I'm going with me Northwoods Indian River Jack. I used to carry it a bit, then it somehow fell out of rotation. Anyways, I'm gonna break it out and pocket it this week.
  19. Edm1

    What knife should I buy

    I'll agree with the SAK. Honestly, as a scoutmaster and Eagle Scout, another good option is a multitool. Hard to lose one if you wear it on your belt and the pliers come in handy for lifting pot lids etc off a campfire.
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