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    Knives you want but can't obtain.

    This bad boy....
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    CKF Baugi - Brand New in Pouch

    Custom Knife Factory CKF Baugi #275 Flipper - Custom Folding Knife From my collection... Unused, uncarried, unsharpened... PayPal G&S $350.00 - Email me at Bubbadad @ Hotmail . com - Comes with pouch, cloth, and all spare parts... BAUGI knife. Limited. Numbered. Designed by Anton...
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    CKF Gratch for sale - SPF!

    SPF!!! Thanks Blade Forums!
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    CKF Gratch for sale - SPF!

    CKF Gratch – A. Malyshev – M390 Titanium /CF 9/2015 (pouch, COA & cloth) $450.00 OBO NOW $SPF (Paypal G&S) uncarried, unused, unsharpened... flawless fit and finish! PM or email me at Bubbadad @ hotmail . com
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    Photos Your very first knife vs your latest - Did your taste and style changed?

    The very first knife I purchased with my own money... (a money-order) mailed out and delivered to a friend's house (my mom would have killed me) I thought it was the absolute best knife ever! it had the 'engraved' wolf head... the swing guard... I could sort of flick it open... held together...
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    Southern Grind Folder - Tan G-10

    Southern Grind Bad Monkey Desert Tan G-10 14C28N 4” Drop Point Blade $190.00 Southern Grind Spider Monkey S35VN 3.25” Drop Point Blade $sold Al Mar SERE 2000 Black G-10 linerlock VG-10 3.6” Polished Blade $sold Al Mar SERE 2000 Camo G-10 linerlock VG-10 3.6” Polished Blade $sold...
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    The Bears' Den--Shirogorov Showcase

    I have an older F3 on washers that is trying to bump my Millie out of my front pocket....
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    favorite knife scales...

    Yep... Fluted carbon fiber on the Native Chief would be a hit with me! And on the shaman as well! I also have a fondness for wood scales... I prefer wood grips on my pistols! (Colt Commander, Walther PP, Ruger SP101,etc...)
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    favorite knife scales...

    I think 'fluted' carbon-fiber scales (i.e. on the Native 5) would be a big hit if made for the Spyderco Military... (and really any other large Spyderco knife...) The Native 5 is a bit small for my large paws... thoughts?
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    CKF Collection... for Sale

    PM or Email with offers... Bubbadad @ hotmail . com Paypal G&S prices include insured shipping CKF S.S.E. Black – A. Malyshev – M390 Titanium #175 05/2017 (pouch, COA & cloth) $SOLD CKF Morrf 2 – E. Maun – S35VN Titanium (pouch only) $SOLD CKF T-14 – A. Konygin - M390 Titanium #159...
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    Brian Tighe "Tsunami" Vanguard Series

    Brian Tighe Tsunami Vanguard Series #2 of 25 $495.00 OBO This frame-lock flipper features a satin finish spear point blade and carved carbon fiber scales with titanium liners. Titanium clip, tip down carry. Smooth flipper opening that requires very little wrist action. Perfect blade...
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    SOLD Protech TR-3 PS

    Brand New in Box - never carried, used, sharpened etc... $SOLD Email Bubbadad @ hotmail . com Offers accepted...
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    ZT 0562 Ti LOW PRICE!

    I'll take the Ace Clyde - pm sent
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    this is a BIG folder!
Native XF ad, Below bottom BC