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    Reate Knives-Users' opinion and collections

    I've had my District 9A & 9B for about 3 weeks and I have to say I'm very impressed. The consistency of the action in both models are very identical without having to adjust the pivot or lubing them. Fit & finish is perfect. They are very smooth and flip great. I like the...
  2. J

    Your Favorite/Best Knives in D2 steel? (Production)

    My Millie. I should have ordered a spare.
  3. J

    Flippers with great action. Please post pics

    My Reate District 9A and 9B. Smoothest out of the box. All finger, no wrist.
  4. J

    Whats the sharpest production knife youve ever received out of the box?

    Spyderco Tenacious and my Pacific Salt.
  5. J

    anyone else find their "perfect" knife and slow down on the boards?

    After I've found the perfect knife, I go to Bladeforums to look for the next perfect knife. An evil place this is.
  6. J

    ZT0630 Owners share your thoughts please...

    I just got mine yesterday. I haven't had a chance to use it yet so I can't comment on its cutting abilities. Fit & finish is perfect, action is smooth, blade is centered, 40% lockup, and the wave feature works well. I also like the high grind on it. Looks like it will be a good slicer. I...
  7. J

    Most common knife owned by BF members

    I had an old Vic SwissChamp on the early 90's but was stolen. Also had a Buck 110 in the 80's as a kid but that went missing as well.
  8. J

    Favorite pocket for edc

    5.11 Stryke Pants when I'm off. Doesn't scream "tactikool" as much as the 5.11 Taclite Pros. I'm right handed so my Emerson Combat Karambit goes on the left pocket and and whatever I feel like carrying on the right. Most of the time, it's an Emerson or Emerson/ZT collab. At work, I wear 5.11...
  9. J

    If you were to have to go into war what 3 folders would you take.

    I'll play along. 1. Spyderco Military 2. ZT 0620 or 0630 (On the way) 3. Benchmade Adamas. (I don't trust the Omega springs though). If Emerson Knives was an option, I'd bring either a CQC-8 or CSF.
  10. J

    What is your favorite Emerson model?

    I would have to say CQC-8 and CSF. I love the blade shapes.
  11. J

    ZT0630 Next ZT Emerson Collaboration

    Need some custom scales now.
  12. J

    Gifting an Emerson to new academy graduate - 8 vs 15

    Either a CQC8 or Combat Systems Fighter (CSF). If you're ordering it directly from Emerson, have them drill & tap it for left hand carry/reverse grip. More options of carry for him.
  13. J

    ZT0630 Next ZT Emerson Collaboration

    I understand what you're saying now. My bad. I have 2 framelocks with super strong detents and for the life of me, I can't open them using the thumbstuds.
  14. J

    ZT0630 Next ZT Emerson Collaboration

    I have a 0620 as well and a 0630 on the way. Maybe it's the way you're trying to open it using the thumb disk. If you're right handed, you are probably pressing on the lock bar too much with your middle finger. Try pulling the lock bar down with your middle finger and pushing up on the thumb...
  15. J

    Manix2 XL or ParaMilitary 2 ... any suggestions?

    Honestly, get both. No, really. I had both but gave my Manix 2 XL to my brother-in-law. It doesn't mean that I don't like the Manix 2 XL because I still plan on getting another one. Yes the Para 2 EDC's better than the Manix 2 but for big tasks, I always reach for the Manix 2 XL.
  16. J

    Emerson CQC-7 Sheild/Cross Inlay

  17. J

    Wave feature, have you ever been cut by it?

    I've been caught by the tip but it was my fault. Like another post earlier, sloppy technique. I don't buy "waved" folders to end up removing the feature. If you play with a lot of knives, you'll eventually get cut.
  18. J

    Ever put a knife through the wash?

    I forgot my Spyderco PM2 with black DLC coating in my shorts once and put in the washer. Came out clean with no lint inside the handle and the G10 felt grippy..
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