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    What an awesomely-timed thread! I've found that I've been reaching for a Global GF-33 a fair bit lately - (over a Henkels knife that I've had for over two decades). The Global is extremely comfortable by comparison, and works well for most tasks in the kitchen. The biggest reason that I like...
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    Mixed inventory

    Let me know if they are offering these - last I asked about a standard with a 90 degree spine, they only had the hard/thin versions with the 90 degree spine.
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    The New & Improved Website Looks Great!

    Great looking website!
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    What is in the works at CPK?

    Oof - I can see myself purchasing a number of those knives... I'm especially interested in the AEB-L knife versions as well, given the steel's properties and ability to sharpen easily. An axe head from you would be ehm... badass, and I have been looking for a reason to purchase new kitchen...
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    Besides CPK knives, whaddaya like?

    Dude, I shouldn't have looked at his work. I have a soft spot for double-recurve blades and fullers...
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    Just received my DEK1, and I am floored by the balance, comfort in hand, and quality of this knife. Wow!
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    Besides CPK knives, whaddaya like?

    I'm a sucker for folders with Emerson Wave-style opening mechanisms... When I carry a folder. Lately I've been enjoying a Spyderco Delica 4 as a general-purpose folder. Those LH axes are really, really good looking!
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    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    I never really understood the allure of the modern Kephart-inspired knives... and then I saw one of Nathan's... big mistake! It's going to be interesting to see how these are in AEBL and 3V. Generally, the idea of a quality knife in AEBL interests me, especially for very hard use in an...
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    Random Thought Thread

    Nathan, This sounds like a really, really savvy approach, and the $250 price point puts it into the territory for many people who want to give a family member or friend a quality knife that they can count on, but want something that will perform far better than a blade coming from the larger...
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    What knife would you like to see next from CPK?

    An HDFK with a 90-degree spine would be very, very cool.... Just saying...
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    Lorien, Not knowing you personally, but looking at the picture that you posted of the relative blade, and understanding your design intentions from the post above, I'm in for at least one of these... likely more.
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    Random Thought Thread

    I think that you hit the nail on the head. In my experience there is no substitute for quality repetitions in any learned skill, but especially when it comes to technical skills. The trystick is a great example!
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    Random Thought Thread

    I don't think that you're off-base at all with prioritizing function and performance over form. I do think that one of the biggest issues in the knife industry on the consumer end is that most people go through at least a few knives before they find what they want regarding form and...
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    Random Thought Thread

    This looks very interesting from a handle/blade design perspective... extremely promising even!
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    Random Thought Thread

    So I might have ordered a DEK1 with a swedge last week during the blade sale... that does look a heck of a lot like what I was imagining for myself!
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Really glad to hear it!
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    There might still be a 90* spine FK2 Hard/Thin for sale directly from CPK - check the last sale thread. I ended up going with a DEK1 instead of one of those, so it might be your lucky day!
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    Mixed inventory

    I would love a 90 degree FK2
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    I could go for an HDFK with a 90-degree spine. Either that or a UFK with similar. I've found that on the knives that I use most, the 90-degree spine is a welcome thing to have, but I'm not set on one. I am eagerly awaiting the next sale, however, as I would love to own one (or more) CPK knives.
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    Advice on chef knife set

    Global has been mentioned on here by someone else, but it's worth saying that their forged knives are not only relatively affordable, but also very comfortable in the hand and perform well in the kitchen. Their GF-33 8.25" knife is pretty fantastic as production knives come.
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