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  1. Paul L.

    (Traded) Spartan Pallas

    Pm sent
  2. Paul L.

    Want: Protech Malibu DLC Have: Tonnsssss

    No sorry. Not too many coated blades, just started getting into them. For hinderers that I would sell i just have a Maximus with bronze hardware and clip and c.f. scale. I've got like 250 knives though if you want to tell me what else you may like!
  3. Paul L.

    Want: Protech Malibu DLC Have: Tonnsssss

    Looking for a Like new or bnib Protech Malibu DLC reverse tanto or maybe wharnny. Have...about 250 knives. From Spydies to Shiro. Lmk and we can work something out, guarantee I will have something you want!!
  4. Paul L.

    WE PEER 2015A 20CV

    I'll take the 0308!
  5. Paul L.

    Still Available: DAMASTEEL Todd Begg Field Marshall Brz $480!

    Hey guys. Today I have my Todd Begg Field Marshall Bronze Draupner Damasteel knife up for sale. Its 100% mint bnib, never carried and only out for pictures. She's a beaut! Perfect in every way. Got a new one with the all black handle so passing this one on. May consider TRADES at some point, and...
  6. Paul L.

    Still Available: DAMASTEEL Todd Begg Field Marshall Brz $480!

    Selling some of my knafs today...first batch of a ton. These are all BNIB and never carried, with exception of the WE, but only a couple times. PayPal only and shipping to U.S. Only as well. Thanks for shopping! All prices are negotiable and will include USPS Priority shipping. Comment I'll take...
  7. Paul L.


    Para 2 Maxamet bnib still available. Shoot me an offer.
  8. Paul L.

    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    Thanks for the Info and keeping up with things @RamZar ! Any indication when the Z-max Mule team might show up on the site? Do we even get notifications or release dates on Mule Teams or does it just happen? I have 12 Mule Teams and counting and really looking forward to the Z-max. It would...
  9. Paul L.

    Raine, T3000, Ferox, Mandate, Hyperion

    Ill take the Kirby Raine!
  10. Paul L.

    .Steel Z-Max sharpening and test

  11. Paul L.

    Rockscale Design 940 Titanium Critter & Backspacer

    I'll take these if they are still available
  12. Paul L.

    The Best Knife Shop

    What scum of the earth. Its no doubt a clone. I mean look at those clones on are basically impossible to tell. If there is a way to confirm it's real then I would take their stupid refund and I guess a real zt for that price is nice. If it's a clone I would keep doing what you...
  13. Paul L.

    [PRICE DROP] Todd Begg Field Marshall Bronze Damasteel

    Still available. Another little price drop. Send me offers, most I can do is say no!
  14. Paul L.

    Lionsteel Myto "molletta edition" K390.

    Are they all k390 besides the damasteel?
  15. Paul L.

    Spyderco Mules and Shun SG2

    I'll take the m390 mule and sheath
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