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  1. brycycles

    Microtech Troodons / Ultratech & Heretic Manticore

    hello! Any interest in trades or just looking to sell?
  2. brycycles


    Hello! Could I get a few photos please?
  3. brycycles

    FSOT: Spyderco, Kizer, Actilam

    PM’d for Kizer. Thank you!
  4. brycycles

    Tuff Knives Imp and Traylor Knife Works Wasp

    Hello BF, Got a couple little fixed blades. I’d like to find something a little larger, so if you’ve got something to trade let me know. These are both perfect EDC fixies. Traylor Knife Works “Wasp” A2 steel, safety orange micarta and brass pins. Blade is...
  5. brycycles

    Heretic Manticore S Battleworn DLC Recurve

    Hello BF, I have the knife listed in the title. It is in excellent condition, only carried a handful of times and only cut tape on packages. I really love the size and weight of this knife. It is a little lighter than, but very close in size to the Microtech UTX85. It disappears in the pocket...
  6. brycycles

    Microtech UTX-85 D/E

    Is that email correct?
  7. brycycles

    UTX-85 for UTX-70 or Manticore

    Thanks for your offer, but I’m not interested.
  8. brycycles

    Microtech UTX-85 D/E

    Black handle with black blade. Little wear in the coating at the tip. 204P blades steel. D/E. Fires hard, never misfires. No box included. Please ask if you have any questions. Asking $SOLD
  9. brycycles

    Spyderco, Berg, Leatherman, Kizer, Etc.

    Hey all! Need to unload a few knives today. Feel free to make me an offer, I’m also possibly interested in trades. Spyderco PM2 This is DLC S30V blade with Cerberus Knives jade scales. It’s a user but in good condition with a KME mirror edge and perfect drop...
  10. brycycles

    Microtech Socom Elite Auto

    I have bought 3 of these now. I don’t know why I keep going back to the well, I just want to like it so bad and I can’t! Too big. Too hard to actuate. Not for me. Hopefully lesson learned this time around!
  11. brycycles

    UTX-85 for UTX-70 or Manticore

    Hello all! I have a black, UTX-85 D/E with a coated blade that I would like to trade for a UTX-70 D/E or Manticore S or E. Cash can be added either way, I’m open to all kinds of offers.
  12. brycycles

    Microtech Mini Socom Elite Auto, Ultratech, Combat Troodon

    I didn’t even know they made a mini! Sweet!
  13. brycycles

    Must sell! Many knives!

    Hello BF! Couple nice ones I need to move along. I posted the Reate a couple weeks ago, I’ve dropped the price a bit, buy this knife! It’s gorgeous! The action is amazing! It’s M390! Designed by Kirby Lambert! And that timascus clip! It’s a Crossroads with Ti/Carbon scales, LNIB, comes with...
  14. brycycles

    Must sell! Many knives!

    Hello BF! Unfortunately I’ve had some unexpected expenses pop up, and where is most of my money? In knives! So I have to sell. Don’t want to, HAVE to. Please make me an offer! Discounts get steeper the more you buy! Thanks! more photos here: 1) Reate Kirby...
  15. brycycles

    Spyderco PM2 Copper Rex 45

    BNIB BHQ Copper Rex 45 Sprint PM2. Only out of the box for pictures. Will be happy to entertain trade offers, or asking $275 tyd.
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