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  1. incaorchid

    All Sold

    I will take the blue M4 Blur for $100.
  2. incaorchid

    Collection sell off 43 knives...more later

    I will take : # 28 Kershaw VoLT xxxx
  3. incaorchid

    Black, Double edge, Ultratech

    Serial number? (To some, not showing the serial number seems like the seller is trying to hide something like maybe it's a clone/ counterfeit knife)
  4. incaorchid

    Key chain mini switch blade

    I will take this, please.
  5. incaorchid

    Microtech Exocet NIB ($175)

    New in box. $175 Shipped Sold
  6. incaorchid

    My custom knives collection from Venice (IT)

    Do you carry a knife with you daily?
  7. incaorchid

    For Sale 2 Marfione Customs

    Pics of the Matrix?
  8. incaorchid

    Benchmade ANNIVERSARY; Infidel $00

    Still available at lower price. You can email me at: [email protected]
  9. incaorchid

    Microtech Custom Combat Troodon HH

    New in Box with Certificate of Authenticity, Knife Case, Metal Dagger Patch. Never been used or carried.
  10. incaorchid

    Benchmade ANNIVERSARY; Infidel $00

    Replied. DALTON Sold. Thank you, Snapper Schneider
  11. incaorchid

    Benchmade ANNIVERSARY; Infidel $00

    I do not have the skills for anything like that!
  12. incaorchid

    Benchmade ANNIVERSARY; Infidel $00

    Benchmade did do a sub standard grind on this one too. Pictures updated, thanks for your input!
  13. incaorchid

    Benchmade ANNIVERSARY; Infidel $00

    --SOLD-- DALTON 15th ANNIVERSARY Never used. Excellent Condition. No box, just the net it came in. $1̶3̶0̶ SOLD
  14. incaorchid

    Benchmade ANNIVERSARY; Infidel $00

    New in Box. Never cut or carried. Blade has light marks from opening and closing.
  15. incaorchid

    Good Deals on Pohl Force Tactical Lockbacks

    I will take the Bravo 1, please.
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