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    Microtech fired 8,000+ times

    2% today, after 4.5 years of everyday firing. I have only sprayed it down once (about 3 years ago) in that time in over 8000 firings. I wanted to see how long it would go and now I have an idea. I will spray it down and see how things work out. Quality is still there, action is still tight...
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    Microtech fired 8,000+ times

    I have a microtech ultratech, bayonet style blade in elmax steel with a build date of 7/2015. It has the old style tri grip texture instead of the smooth body found today. This knife is on a small table by the front door and it is my companion every time I go check the mail. I use it to open...
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    New para 3 lock stick issue

    Use it, flip it, close it, open it to a point that you no longer refer to it as “new”. Then see if it has a problem needing to go thru the hassle of a trip to the mother shop.
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    The Medford USMC Fighter Flipper is Misunderstood

    I got my Medford 187f (flipper) from arizonacustomknives a secondary seller. Best flipper of all my knives and I didn’t have to spend premium money.
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    The fall of Emerson Knives

    I live in Las Vegas where the USN gathering Is held each year. I been to three gatherings and I can tell you because “this” forum doesn’t have a lot of support, fans, appreciation, etc for Emerson, does not meant it is a disappearing brand. I saw crazy prices for Emerson knives at the gathering...
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    Manual Flipper with Best Action?

    No question for me. My Medford 187f. Smoother than any ball bearing flipper I have run across. The flipper is BIG, not some nub found on many other knives.
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    Nice angles, shape and detail. Wooden sheath is a different touch. I like it.
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    Looking for advice on a dedicated knife to melt packaging

    I have a yobimbo. The primary design is to pierce flesh and the blade design will cut down as push in. Put it to hard work in a warehouse and the tip will be damaged soon, and they are pricey. I have many delicas. Awesome steel and blade shape offers but starting price of 70+ dollars I would...
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    Sold AEB L Kitchen Set

    I like that petty!
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    Social Distancing Pics

    Nice HRSG
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    Outstanding Job Mr. Brown!

    He makes it easy that he gets the latest Busse knives so he can make the sheath without you having to send in your knife.
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    Recommendation? Work knife

    I got 7 different para3 in exotic steels. I would not use them for a work knife. Too expensive and too pointy for work use, great for defense and EDC. I also have delica and they are great but they start to get up in price for a work beater. My new perfect work knife is a steel will...
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    Your best knife pic of the week!

    Phillip Patton Kwaiken with hologram green stingray skin
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    Do you have any dealbreakers?

    Expense. If it’s too expensive that is a deal killer faster than anything else.
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    Finally got a Kwaiken

    I know, I know. I will get the tape measure When I get home today. When I got it the Kwaiken just felt like the perfect size for my intended use. No waisted handle length extending from my palm. I am at work now but here is a pic in the meantime. I wanted it small enough to conceal but big...
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    Finally got a Kwaiken

    Originally I wanted W2 steel with a hamon but I liked his hollow grind. Philip said “a hamon isn't real practical with this style of grind. A full flat grind would show it off better”. So I chose the hollow grind in AEB-L in stainless. He said he could make it the way I originally suggested...
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    Finally got a Kwaiken

    I use everything I own. If it sits in the safe I can’t enjoy looking at it. Almost a shame that it will get wear marks and get dirty. But it definitely could be a safe queen, just not for me.
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    Everyone's latest acquisitions!

    Phillip Patton Kwaiken
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    Finally got a Kwaiken

    I have always wanted a Kwaiken. Kinda got tired of production folders like my common para3 spyderco knives (had 7 of them in different steels) so I have slowly been selling them off. I started reading the knifemaker section of the forum and encountered Phillip Patton’s amazing work. Lots of...
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