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  1. nickortizzle1035

    Criswell sword sheath help

    pics would probably help
  2. nickortizzle1035

    CRK Large and Small Inkosi

    whats the birthdays?
  3. nickortizzle1035

    Vintage Gerber LMF *SOLD!*

    Seconds if it falls through
  4. nickortizzle1035

    Strider & Chris Reeve

    whats the birthday on the reeves
  5. nickortizzle1035

    RIP Charlie Mike

    This is a damn shame. He was a genuine guy and was shaping up to become a hell of a knife maker. I’m going to miss his Instagram shenanigans. I hope he’s found peace
  6. nickortizzle1035

    Just pix of knives

    Do you know where I can find his knives in the US? His site is 100% in Russian...
  7. nickortizzle1035

    Strider warranty?

    I recently purchased an older strider SMF on the secondary market and am looking to send it in for warranty work. It has the old lock face and has quite a bit of lock rock and lock slippage. I know Mick has shut down shop for his production, but can I still send him the knife and have him fix...
  8. nickortizzle1035

    Rock it in your pocket
  9. nickortizzle1035

    Recommend makers to follow on facebook

    Michael Zeiba and Jake hoback post a lot on Instagram.
  10. nickortizzle1035

    Strider SMF, Spyderco PM2s and Manix 2 XL

    I’ll take the SMF. message inbound
  11. nickortizzle1035

    Wild mushrooms

    found a huge cluster of honey mushrooms here in MA the other day. sadly they were too old to harvest. I left them for the furry critters. It's been a terrible year for mushrooms. I have barely found anything
  12. nickortizzle1035

    Yeti water bottles

    Yup. I was testing them. They passed[emoji2]
  13. nickortizzle1035

    Yeti water bottles

    before i purchased mine, I called and asked. they highly advised against it!
  14. nickortizzle1035

    Air gun set

    awesome rifled. I got a 25 caliber marauder last fall and love it!!!
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