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  1. Nixelplix

    Recommendation? USA Made Knives with "Wave" Hook

    The United States currently maintains concentration camps. Here is a list of countries that have or have had concentration camps.
  2. Nixelplix

    Tons Of Knapping And Not A Single Chip (Obsidian)

    I have a box of obsidian nodules stashed away in the thought that I would try flint knapping some time. It really is a cool artform.
  3. Nixelplix

    What are your thoughts about the US-made Gerber DoubleDown folding machete/knife?

    I think they look like some machete-balisongs I made back in 2011. Darn it Gerber stop copying me!
  4. Nixelplix

    Rough Ryder Reserve: New Premium Rough Ryder Line

    Yeah that folding hunter looks fun.
  5. Nixelplix

    Count me out

    Agreed. If you support the actions of those who stormed the capitol on 1/6, you also support fascism. There's no way around it.
  6. Nixelplix

    Designated Political Arena constructive criticism & suggestions for improvements thread

    I'm not paying another dime to this site it doesn't matter. Do what you want.
  7. Nixelplix

    Rough Ryder Reserve: New Premium Rough Ryder Line

    Yep looks like it for sure. I guess you are only supposed to use the cap lifter when the blade is closed.
  8. Nixelplix

    Rough Ryder Reserve: New Premium Rough Ryder Line

    I have one of these old Japanese Kershaw lockback lol! Pretty sure Rough Ryder made a version of it as well.
  9. Nixelplix

    Rough Ryder Reserve: New Premium Rough Ryder Line

    Looking at the photos on their website, the design is growing on me.
  10. Nixelplix

    Help me Decide on first tomahawk

    I got a GOShawk recently, and it was 4.5 months from the time I ordered it to the time I received it. Takes a bit of patience but not too bad really. I'm really happy with it.
  11. Nixelplix

    H&B Forge vs 2Hawks

    Now that I look at it more closely, the only real gap I see is between the handle and the point of the eye. There is no gap elsewhere. It feels and sounds solid when I use it.
  12. Nixelplix

    H&B Forge vs 2Hawks

    There are a few gaps, but the head is on there really solidly. I haven't tried to knock it off the handle yet, but I chopped through a couple 8 inch thick branches and split some logs and there is no slipping or rattling going on. It really feels pretty nice to use.
  13. Nixelplix

    Hammer poll vs standard hawks

    I had a pretty inexpensive tomahawk with no hammer poll that I hammered tent stakes with, and I ended up flattening the back of the eye a bit. If I wanted a tomahawk primarily just for chopping or throwing, I would go without the hammer poll because it is lighter. If I want more of an all-round...
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