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  1. Blaster-6

    Looking for custom monogram etching help

    Shoot me a PM if you need help, i can engrave just about anything. pre or post HT.
  2. Blaster-6

    Been away for a bit...

    I started with a dremel... moved up into sandblasting... high powered sandblasting turned into a business then purchased a fiber laser. The engraving on the blades is done with a fiber laser, though I also use my sandblaster for certain designs as well. Hobby that got WAAAAAYYYYY outta...
  3. Blaster-6

    Been away for a bit...

    I joined this forum while ago to learn about knives and such, I'm an engraver and have done a lot of work on knives, so I thought it'd behoove me to learn more about metals and knives in general. I never had the intention of trying my hand or becoming a knife maker. Not that's what I call...
  4. Blaster-6

    Box of 15n20 Christmas love

    Still using your stuff from last years shipment! Love it!
  5. Blaster-6

    cutting stabilized blocks

    I currently use a table saw with a thin kerf diablo blade that works pretty well. Even though it's a thin kerf you still lose material more so than a band saw. I'm in the process of building a stand and table for my portable band saw so I'll start using that once it's built and trued up. The...
  6. Blaster-6

    The Truth about Shaving according to me.

    Just ran across some blacksmith shaving soap on Etsy! Search: Blacksmith Activated Charcoal Shaving Soap Interesting...
  7. Blaster-6

    Dealing with Decarb in multiple normalaztion cycle's, coarse spheroid annealed steels

    I'm a relatively new maker here but just experimented this past weekend during my heat latest heat treat. BORIC ACID - my new best friend! I don't have my phone handy to upload the pics but check this link to my WIP post, scroll to the second set of pics...
  8. Blaster-6

    The Truth about Shaving according to me.

    I pulled the trigger on the Edwin Jagger Kelvin and actually tried the Somerset's Oil this weekend. Really, really good shave and I like the oil too. A really good experience for the first time with a DE razor. Nice and slow worked well. I got a variety pack of blades and some Col Conk's...
  9. Blaster-6

    Knives 5&6 WIP -Gyutos

    Thanks guys! 2D profiles I've got down pretty well. It's putting that initial bevel on em and getting it smooth and even that's challenging for me. Then the follow through with my belt pattern...still working on that as well. Practice, need more... time, need more of that too! Heat treated...
  10. Blaster-6

    The Truth about Shaving according to me.

    Considering getting an Edwin Jagger Kelvin or a Prospector from the Handlebar Shave guys to try my hand at a DE Safety Razor. EJ quality and reputation is solid, but like the handle on the Prospector model. Thoughts? Also, Any input or thoughts on the type of brush (silvertip badger -vs-...
  11. Blaster-6

    First San Mai ... some issues.

    Hang in there man, as a fellow newbie, I sympathize with you! Learning the hard way sucks, but when you're old and crusty you'll have some good stories for the young 'uns.
  12. Blaster-6

    Knives 5&6 WIP -Gyutos

    Been away working and applying knowledge... Curse all of you who helped, challenged and motivated me to get into making these edgy objects!! I can't stop!! This is my first time posting any pics of my work. Learning this craft is an exciting yet humbling journey. I've made a couple...
  13. Blaster-6

    My Ruixin Pro Sharpener

    Interesting. Was going to go with a Ruixin but opted to get a set of King Waterstones instead and learn to freehand. From my readings and research there's value in both freehanding and systems. I'd love to hear more about your mods and set up. Post pics of your work!
  14. Blaster-6

    Knife making's basic rule........

    Lord, when I die... please don't let my wife sell my tools for what I told her I paid!
  15. Blaster-6

    Not nearly as easy as you make it seem...

    I'm with you Valknut! Putting hours in at the grinder trying to get something decent. Much harder than it looks! I got bit by the knife-making bug!
  16. Blaster-6

    Laser Etching

    I'd be glad to assist. I engrave all sorts of blades - pre and post HT. Check out some pics on my profile or the knife photo album on my facebook page at
  17. Blaster-6

    Any suggestions on my makers mark..

    That's a cool logo. Very detailed! Most trophy shops have a CO2 laser which can't engrave into metal, they may be able to use a product called Cermark which deposits a ceramic topcoating onto the blade using the heat of the laser, but they'd have to know what they're doing to use it. Most...
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