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  1. ericb445


    My Grail.. I hate to see what this is going to cost. -Eric
  2. ericb445

    WTT Copper Victornox Farmer

    Are the scales made of Copper?
  3. ericb445

    WTT- 3 Watches -

  4. ericb445

    Strider Help

    Highly collectable:thumbup:
  5. ericb445

    WTT - John Gray Thuck - TRADED

    I have a Strider CC SMF Z wear 3/4 grind Let me know if your interested -Eric
  6. ericb445

    Brous or Strider?

    It's SnG for me
  7. ericb445

    LOOKING FOR Rock Lobster or Southard to trade for little BIG FLOOD flashlight

    I can't Pm you for some reason I have nice lightly carried old school Spyderco TI LUM tanto with box if your interested?
  8. ericb445

    NIB (Japanese Market) G Shock GD-100 watch (TRADED)

    Are you Interested in a like new Boker Plus Bobbi? -Eric
  9. ericb445

    Small Sebenza Classic

    email sent
  10. ericb445

    Question for skinheads and cueballs

    I shave it every other day in the for me, Been doing it for 20 years now.
  11. ericb445

    UPDATE! BM Blue MiniGrip for Vantage or GEC

    I have the small Good luck with your trade.
  12. ericb445

    UPDATE! BM Blue MiniGrip for Vantage or GEC

    Are you looking for the small or large Vantage Pro? What is the blade steel in the Grip?
  13. ericb445

    FSOT: Brand New Direware S-90

    You can't sell in the trade forum....the mods will get you if you don't take it down.
  14. ericb445

    strider warranty turn around time?

    Any where from two weeks to the longest was a month. It all depends on what kind of big shows are going on. All the times I sent anything in was for weak lock up.
  15. ericb445

    <HELP> Boker Albatros

    Sharpie works for me. It will brake in.
  16. ericb445

    Which Emerson should I buy?

    Wait for the Bulldog Or the 10, it is my Favorite.
  17. ericb445

    The Winner (Strider SnG)is.... Post 39, Orion's Belt!!!

    Wow!! Very nice of you! IN Please -Eric
  18. ericb445

    Strider SMF cube question??

    Strider will sharpen it, but if it isn't broken they won't do much more. Don't use the us postal system. Only usefedex if you do send it in.
  19. ericb445

    Help needed (warning...I am a newbie)

    Anything Strider, He will like. I would recommend a SnG.
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