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    Lol, wonderful work Bill! That Damascus is almost hypnotic! :D
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    “Oosic & Ironwood” Primitive Belt Knife

    Wonderful work, Brother!
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    Blacksmith Knife--- Leethal Cutlery

    Sending PM regarding this. =)
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    Cocobolo Kephart

    Man... I just cant get enough of the old styling. =) GREAT JOB!
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    Blacksmith Knife--- Leethal Cutlery

    WOW! Beautiful job! Say, do you take special requests for that right hand sheath? I have been looking for something like this for a while. =)
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    Forged hamme poll Camp tomahawk/axe...**1060 steel** polished poll..*SOLD*

    Can you do another custom like this? This is some beautiful work, Sir... and I've ben looking for a new hawk. =) I love th forge finish!
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    Blacksmith's Detail ((SOLD))

    Excellent work! Almost looks like a French trade knife... do you have an Ebay store you could list this on?
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    Stag Work Knife

    I really like the handy size. =)
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    Damascus recurve camp knife SOLD!

    Great work Sir! Amazing workmanship; no doubt. :D
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    Coombs O1/Micarta Chopper

    My GOD!!! Friggin beautiful!
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    Backwoods --------->>>>>>>>>>> ( Antique Nessmuck ) SOLD

    Ill take the Nessy! PM on its way! ;)
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    Ulu/ Axe ((SOLD))

    Wow... AWESOME!
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    Pack Knife ((SOLD))

    Really neat design! ;)
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    Camp and Kitchen

    I'm digging that hamon!
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    W2 Harpoon Hidden Tang with Kingwood

    Very nice work! :thumbup:
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