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  1. ghorka

    Rusty Pen Knife

    lucky sharpbits, i was so impressed whith my penknife, that i was goin to buy the last one too. have been waitin to see if anyone else wanted it though, cos i felt it would have been greedy to make someone else miss out, an take it straight away. i am glad now i did wait sort of. boo hooo ;)...
  2. ghorka

    Just wanted to let everyone know....

    yes thanks Yvsa,appreciate the help.dont want to get in trouble again ,until sparks changes my username i will keep my posts to a minimum + sign my posts at the end with my new username. [ Kendo ] regards Kendo :)
  3. ghorka

    A few funnies while we're in the mood...TGIF !!

    You HI Forum Dudes tsk tsk. i told you to Use IT - NOT LOSE IT :) regards Kendo :)
  4. ghorka

    Change Username Ghorka

    PLEASE CHANGE MY USERNAME TO Kendo regards ken :)
  5. ghorka

    Apologies For The Yor Gonna Luv It Post

    after pondering on this and other subjects i have disscussed with Yvsa. i have decided to post an apology to all for any miss understanding and hurt, my posts caused, truly none was meant. and i will endeavour to be more carefull of persons feelings in posts from now on. as regards Yvsa...
  6. ghorka

    Copy of description of Cutler's Pitch

    sounds very intrestin, couple questions. how hot would it have to get before it was affected do you think. ??? it gets to about 50-60 deg celsius here in aus so was a bit worried by the heat aspect.:)
  7. ghorka

    poor dog flys off khuk in pursuit

    talk about sneaky, an i thought cayotes an such were harmless , only preying on small rodents an such. i been thinkin about the poor dog i reckon she was probably dead as soon as she was hit by the hawk ??. i seem to remember reading somewhere that the preys neck or spine gets broken by the...
  8. ghorka

    Tryin To Lighten The Mood Khuk Jokes

    yep it sure does ferrous, but my wife is pretty mean. she has the worst temper, but i loves her,even when shes beatin on me he he he.i gave my sons a khuk each, so now i needsome more, i even tried to buy the m43 but missed out. wife was in bed snorin, heard loud mutterings a few times...
  9. ghorka

    Gurkhas win hearing on race bias claims

    yes i aggree pendentive nothing i do seems to make any difference so i give up, will just have to wait. :( :)an no i will post here on hi thanks, i like it here, but anything politcal like to do with america i will post on the political forum yes indeedy. but will not hesitate to reply to any...
  10. ghorka

    poor dog flys off khuk in pursuit

    yeah redvenom thjey do, the large hawk would have had a wingspan of approx 4ft, another bird of prey very common here is the wedgetail eagle,approx6-7 ft wingspan , farmers dont like em, always carrying of lambs. the little dog in question probably wieghed no more tan 1.5- 2lbs if that ...
  11. ghorka

    Gurkhas win hearing on race bias claims

    please yvsa give it up i didant start this thread penditive did,an i answered his thread with relevent info on the subject,and in return we have a good amount of other info, which is very interesting non of it troll like at like you say until i show that i have learnt about how to post...
  12. ghorka

    poor dog flys off khuk in pursuit

    this isant supposed to be funny, butttt this afternoon my wifes sisters dog, a tiny chiwowa-x-miniiture fox terrier, was in the back field on her 150 acre hobby farm, the wifes sister and husband were mending a fence, the little dog was runnin round chasin, mice an such,when whoosh,a bloody...
  13. ghorka

    question has anyone allready used this product

    anyone here know why and how it works to prevent rust???? clove oil i mean.:)
  14. ghorka

    question has anyone allready used this product

    Get a 2 oz bottle of clove oil at the pharmacy and add 1/2 to 1 oz to a 6 oz bottle of Kama Sutra Pleasure Garden aromatic massage oil. the more i think on it rusty the better i like it, kama sutra pleasure oil // hmmmm. [hand over yer wallet, ok with pleasure] surprise:eek: :eek: :)
  15. ghorka

    question has anyone allready used this product

    sounds great rusty i"ll try that:) sounds yummy all those nice smells, might cut my gums on the khuk enjoyin the taste though, so will try your recipe on the little penknife.he he:) :)
  16. ghorka

    Pen-Knife Arrives!!!!!

    yep my penknife arrived today what a beuty,its like a feather in the hand,but feel the power that could be let loose with this little blade,penditive this is one lovely little knife=khuk an it was made by bura,his good work even when he was so sick. what a treasure, cant wait to test it out on...
  17. ghorka

    Tryin To Lighten The Mood Khuk Jokes

    hi all lets have some fun an see what whit about khuks there is out there, excuses an troubles when tryin to sneak khuks past, she who is ever vigilant. hee hee heres a little one i ran past bruise :) bruise wrote ). I think mineral oil is a laxative in larger doses. i wrote hey...
  18. ghorka

    question has anyone allready used this product

    is that the same stuff you put on sore teeth ect ??. thats interestin to know thanks:)
  19. ghorka

    Message and thanks from Bura.

    yes what more can be said, my grandma allways used to say. [good things come in little packages] referring to us her at the time little grandsons. i cant think of a more apt description of the people of nepal. bura just happens to be in my opinion one of the best.and i wish him long life and...
  20. ghorka

    question has anyone allready used this product

    good stuff, looks like i might have lucked on to a good product antirust for khuks, your useage seems to confirm there claims.i will soon find out what happens on khuks,as i have applied to two khuks for use in tasmania trip in 4 weeks.regards ghorka:)
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