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  1. J

    All gone!

    Would you consider a trade+cash for the carbon fiber Mnandi of a small Inkosi Insingo,plain+cash?
  2. J

    GT Knives, Kershaw, Camillus, Boker, Imperial and Opinel...

    I'll take the Camillus Electritian and the Opinal No. 8.
  3. J

    2 Bucks and a Hogue

    I'll take the Buck 110.
  4. J

    Good RaulDuke gave me the royal treatment

    RaulDuke did right by our deal. I hope we can do business again!!!
  5. J

    NEW Benchmade MiniGriptilian555 (s30v), Griptilian550 (20cv)

    Is the larger 550 still for sale? If so what blade's condition on the non-pictured side?
  6. J

    Several fixed priced to sell

    What are the dimensions on that Snody?
  7. J

    Lloyd trapper (SOLD)

    How long are the blade and body?
  8. J

    Good Oldie45 comes through

    We did a deal, and I am thoroughly and well satisfied! He's a good guy.
  9. J

    NS Barehead 110 with Grade A Bookmatched Ironwood

    Which metal did you use for the liners?
  10. J

    Good kvnfff Comes through in spades!!!

    kvnfff (Kevin) sold me a great A.B.W. that I am quite pleased with. It was just as described. Thanks for a smooth and easy deal!
  11. J

    29 users, all $30 or less!

    I'll take the natrix.
  12. J

    Emerson a100

    I'll take it!
Native XF ad, Below bottom BC