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  1. Terr

    14" BDC, 10" BDC and Kerambit pics

    I weighed my new 14" BDC (horn) and it came up 19.3 oz. I was wondering, what is the typical weight for this model?
  2. Terr

    BDCs and kerambits arrived today.

    :D I got my 14" BDC today. It's very nice. :D
  3. Terr

    Time for a CONTEST - let's start things off with a bang!

    I never win anything, but at least my 14" BDC is on it's way.
  4. Terr

    BDCs and kerambits arrived today.

    My email and ISP went on the blink Monday evening, so I couldn't check Bladeforums until this morning. Sorry for the frantic email, Pen :eek: . But what a relief for me :D . Nasty, I was hoping that the reverse would happen - Too many wood and not enough horn. A couple of weeks ago I started...
  5. Terr

    Bura New Models and Kerambit ?

    Mr. Murphy got me again :(
  6. Terr

    Bura New Models and Kerambit ?

    Pen, I pre-paid in February, but Mr. Murphy always seems to be standing nearby, so hopefully I'm on that list.
  7. Terr

    15 inch Sirupati

    My horn-handled 15" sirupati (18 oz. by Kesar) is my constant travelling companion to and from work. I like it because there is enough weight for chopping in an emergency and light enough to swing quickly in other emergencies - (not that I've needed to).
  8. Terr

    OT: News from Iraq

    "But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. (verse 5) having a form of godly devotion but proving false to it's power... " This passage most likely pertains to false Christians but the recent "Moslems" blowing up innocent Moslem children can apply too.
  9. Terr

    Countdown initiated!

    Our son was born when I was 44. I wish I had half of his energy. Come to think of it, I don't think I ever had half of his energy. But he's the best thing that ever happened to me, other than his mom, maybe.
  10. Terr

    OT - kittens in our closet

    So there is a connection between Khukuri ownership and having cats in the house? I never had a cat as a pet until I brought khukuris into the house :eek:. Edit-He's still waking me up at 4:30 am.
  11. Terr

    OT - kittens in our closet

    We adopted a stray 12 week old cat last October. He really likes me. Every morning at about 4:30 AM I wake up with a cat laying on my stomach.... I need to sharpen my khukuris.
  12. Terr

    How might a kris blade end up on a hill in Kentucky?

    GA, your explanation is the only one that makes any sense at all.
  13. Terr

    Who'da thunk it (about WWII's)

    What is the average weight of the 18" WWIIs? I have an 18" AK that is a mere 28 oz. I was looking for a lighter weight AK and this one was in stock. To me, that is the best length and weight. On Scotland: It's so heartbreaking that the land that developed some really nice sword and knife...
  14. Terr

    Countdown initiated!

    Ours was induced too. My wife says that Pitocin stuff is brutal. :eek: P.S. Don't let your wife read this.
  15. Terr

    Waiting for new Chiruwa Ang Khola

    Kids and khukuris, (and kilts?) lifes greatest joys!?! A couple of days ago my son (4 yrs. old) told me he wanted to go shoot turkeys. Are AR-15s and Kel-Tec P-11s legal for turkey hunting in PA? :D :eek:
  16. Terr

    car heat and khukuri

    I've had my horn handled 15" sirupati in my car for almost two years summer and winter and no problems.... and my 20" sirupati blem had a slightly loose buttcap that tightened up after a summer in the car.
  17. Terr

    O.T. Any Kilt wearers in here? Amerikilt BearKilts
  18. Terr

    O.T. Beliefnet. Has anyone seen this before?

    They had Sikhism as a close No.4. The Sikh religion requires the carrying of a knife (Kirpan) How did they know I carry a knife? There were no questions about knives, were there? My No. 1 and No. 2 were Orthodox Judaism (100%) and Islam (89%) (Why can't we just get along) But I eat pork products...
  19. Terr

    O.T. Beliefnet. Has anyone seen this before?

    I thought this was a khukuri forum. Now I know that it's just a front for Unitarians. Anyway, my results were pretty funny (to me).
  20. Terr

    O.T. Any Kilt wearers in here?

    Yeah. I got one (Workmans model). Kilts and khuks go together. It helps to carry the latter when your wearing the former.
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