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  1. NorthStarXO

    Want to run with the big dogs, then who?

    We are still in business, but currently moving (Actually moved, but still unpacking). We will not have a phone up till the end of this month at the new location so email us with any questions you may have ([email protected]). We are currently working on a run of tomahawks so give us a couple...
  2. NorthStarXO

    Bearded Axe advantages?

    It also works for hunting - the sharpened hooking edge is thin enough to get just below the skin and then zip "it" (deer or other critter) open. The hawk has enough heft to split the breast bone and they're sharp enough for skinning. And Andrew, if you take Dwight McLemore's class on Bowie...
  3. NorthStarXO

    Is Bear Mountain still in business?

    Shawn, Did we get your squared away? Email me directly at [email protected] There's no proble with the website but it may have been down and not caught because the island has been on generator power since January 21st so I haven't been online as much. We're here and we have a new...
  4. NorthStarXO

    Naming the Naval Boarding Axe

    We have them here, just have to get everything finished & assembled. The handles are drilled, we just need to drill the bowls on the pipes. We'll put them up as soon as we have them.
  5. NorthStarXO

    Naming the Naval Boarding Axe

    Thanks, Brody! Good to see you.
  6. NorthStarXO


    If you've been holding off on getting a lithograph, now is the time to place your order. For the holidays we've just lowered the price on the canvas mounted lithographs to $100. It's a steal for this artwork and they're all numbered and come with the certificate. Paul is uploading it to...
  7. NorthStarXO

    Naming the Naval Boarding Axe

    I have to say I'm likin' the Master Chief for the Naval version and the Gunny for the Marine version. The Naval version has the US Navy seal and the Marine Corps version has the Marine Corp seal that has the EGA Right now I have a special offer on the prototype model. It is a one of a...
  8. NorthStarXO

    Happy Birthday NorthStarXO

    Thanks! It was a pretty good one - quiet the way I like them! :D
  9. NorthStarXO

    Brend Hatchet

    The Kydex sheaths are made by Rob at Survival Sheath Systems He has quite a few options and if you give him a call he can go over it with you and see what best suits your purpose. Visit the website and take a look.
  10. NorthStarXO

    Engraving a hawk head

    We've never found anyone who could do it deep enough for that. We've had laser-etching done on the polished heads but it's very fine and even a rough polishing would have ruined it. Good luck.
  11. NorthStarXO

    Tomahawk Training: Books, Equipment, Hands-On, & VHS/DVDs

    James' video rocks. And it was a Cold Steel hawk. I took Dwight's class on Long Knife & Tomahawk fighting and loved it. HTH combat with the hawk is great fun but kinda impractical unless you're in the back country because you're not allowed to carry them openly in most cities. That's not to...
  12. NorthStarXO

    Anybody have a H&B forge hawk?

    That's really a shame. I'm sorry to hear that someone did that to you. Our regular hawks are unstamped/unmarked but we'd be able to identify it no problem. We don't stamp them because the military doesn't want items that they carry marked although a lot of their items are. Our 250th Anniversary...
  13. NorthStarXO

    What's your survival cooking set-up?

    I have a stainless steel, pack size cook set and a couple of the Esbit stoves. I recently picked up a bunch of the plastic Spork sets from WallyWorld for $1 each. They have a spoon/knife on one end and a fork on the other. They had a bunch of different colors so everyone has one of their own and...
  14. NorthStarXO


    It's a beautiful piece of machinery!
  15. NorthStarXO

    Where to Buy Wetterlings?

    Wetterlings discontinued a bunch of the old styles and everyone has has a hard time importing any new ones. There are a few that I can get like the 13H & 16H, the 20C and the 31 Carpenter's Axe.
  16. NorthStarXO

    Naming the Naval Boarding Axe

    LOL - Now that's a NAME! Maybe we should brand that on the handles.
  17. NorthStarXO

    Very upset with this company

    You're welcome, Joe! BTW, we got an email asking we we didn't just delete this thread. We left it because we made a mistake, a big one, and we wanted everyone to know that mistakes happen and we made good on it and we're really sincerely apologetic. We're a small company with what was a LOT...
  18. NorthStarXO

    Very upset with this company

    Joe, your tomahawk is at Survival Sheath getting the underarm sheath you ordered. Each tomahawk, because it is handmade one at a time, has to be molded to each sheath. Call Rob at Survival Sheath. As soon as it is done it will ship to you. Your original tomahawk was believed to have...
  19. NorthStarXO

    Need help choosing a tomahawk

    The Rainier and Rainier Scouts are on sale right now. I just posted the pricing in our forums.
  20. NorthStarXO

    Is It Really That Time of Year Already?

    Here's a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale for you (I didn't shop either of those days so that's why I'm doing it now. :D ) Rainier Scouts $87.50 Rainier Belt Axe $147.50 Place your order on the website, quantities are limited. Everything else, orders that are in house are being worked on...
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