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    Scandi folder

    Very cool, looks nice and comfy for a folder. I'm appreciating that the scandi-folder market is slowly expanding, though I haven't bit the bullet on one yet.
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    91mm Bushcrafter?

    Wondering if there's any possibility of a Bushcrafter on the 91mm frame? Would love to have a slim SAK with the tweezers in the woods. Possibly even scissors, so basically a Huntsman with no can/bottle opener? The 93mm alox models sure look nice but I love having tweezers handy.
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    Review of the Osprey Rev 1.5 pack

    I like it, great review, can't go wrong with osprey stuff. Have you ever used one of the ultra marathon vests of any kind? Always thought they'd make a great day pack set up. This looks to sort of bridge the gap a little between a small pack and the vests.
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    Goofy Idea ?

    I bet you could get one of the smaller wood handled Moras to fit pretty well, and the shorter bladed ones wouldn't stick out as far. Maybe the 2/0 model, or the actual carving blade ones. Would be pretty cool if it worked out nicely I think.
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    Best 6 inch blade for the out doors? With premium steel?

    Survive Knives has a couple within that size range.
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    Up here it's a bit of a different animal as far as I'm concerned. With public healthcare, there's loads of crack/meth addicts abusing the system, collecting welfare checks, in and out of jail, overdosing and getting free ambulance rides for free treatment at the hospital. As long as my tax...
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    Janus Pouch Based Knife Survival Kit

    The only thing I can think of would be a whistle for signalling. Otherwise I think it pretty well covers all your bases. 4 hours sounds like a lot of time to wait for the tablets to work though. I've got ones that take half an hour, aquatabs I think they are. Those Janus pouches are really...
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    Hatchet as a primary tool choice

    I've been eyeing that little Wetterlings for a long time, looks like the local shop has em back in stock too. Do you belt carry it? Overall length is about the same as a mid sized fixed blade, so I'm thinking it would carry pretty nicely. My go to woods combo has always been a fixed blade and...
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    No crusher pommel on BK3?

    Good to know, thanks guys, stock photos on most websites still show it without. May not be necessary, but for no particular reason I like the pommel.
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    No crusher pommel on BK3?

    So I was browsing the website for my local knife shop looking for a new Becker, when I happened to notice, all of the full size Beckers have the exposed pommel, except the BK3. Given the intended application, of all the Becker lineup, it seems the BK3 would be the most suited to having a...
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    pine nuts

    Holy smokes, impressive stuff. Is that resin seeping out of the cone?
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    Chinese Bushcrafters?

    Look to be a couple of pretty close copies of the Koster Bushcrafter from this Chinese company, among other blades they're ripping off. Dirtbags.
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    review of vivo barefoot neo trail

    I have a pair of Evo's from them that are great. I haven't had them out on the trail much because they're my first 'barefoot' shoes and I want to build up slowly, but I plan to get them out much more next year once it warms up.
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    Screw up giveaway. 52100 Hawk w/ stabilized curly maple

    #22 for me, thanks for the chance! Looks amazing!
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    Love for the Swiss Army Knife?

    Love my huntsman. Most carried blade by far. Had an outrider with corkscrew instead of Phillips I liked too, don't know what happened to it.
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    A week at the lake with an A-100

    Just spent a weekend camping with my 7-AW. Batonned kindling(and I wasn't easy on it) and carved feather sticks to fires, took down branches and carved em up for hot dog sticks, cut up a watermelon and a pineapple, and all it got was a rinse in the lake to clean off the fruit juices. Sharpened...
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    Just checking in !

    Good to hear from ya, I actually checked your profile just this morning to see if you were still kickin.
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    Gear Advice

    I'm in Coquitlam:). Loads of shops in the Vancouver area, there are some great brands that MEC doesn't carry that are available elsewhere, though MEC has tons of great stuff. -Boots (I'm thinking Zamberlan's as I had a pair before; these would be used for snowshoeing as well) Before...
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    Camping with a 10x12 Siltarp and Large Kifaru stove.

    Always great posts, thanks man. Wish I had $800 lying around for a paratipi and a stove, alas I must live vicariously through your threads ;)
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    A Little Food For Thought From The Southern Woods

    Did not know that, thanks for the post.
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